T-54-1 drivers compartment

Hello all,
I’m in need of a drivers compartment for my Miniart T-44, the kit has an interior but no drivers compartment. The T-54s is close enough that I can use it, however Miniart does not sell separate sprues, I emailed them last week and I don’t want to scratch build one. If anyone has one that they are not using and would be willing to sell/ trade, pm me please and we can work something out. Thank you


Depending on your budget, you could wait for Miniart’s new revised T-44 kit which promises the driver’s compartment and transmission missing from the original release.

Or you might be able to re-use parts from this CMK set.

Thank you Edward. I was about to start searching for an after market set . That’s a big help; I think I’ll just get that set instead of buying another future release of a T-44.

There is actually not a lot there, esp. what can be seen through the hatch. It can easily be scratched up. You can see what I did with most of it when I built my destroyed out T-55. I used sheet and rod styrene, along w/a left over jeep seat.

Whatever option you choose, you’ll find some interior views that may come in handy here :




Yes you’re right Gino. Looking at your build there isn’t much to see in that area. Great job on it again btw.

Thanks a bunch Frenchy, these will come in handy for painting etc. thanks to all for your help