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A review of T-Model 1/35 kit of a Loading Ramp for flatcars.

This is partial text from the full article (usually with photos) at https://armorama.com/news/t-model-german-loading-ramp

I think these were used post-war too!

Any idea where to purchase this? None of the normal places that sell T-Model list it.

It is a quite new kit and seems it has not reached the shops yet, according to T-Model it will be soon on MBK, Hobbyeasy and others.

Saves a lot of trouble than buying the whole Trumpeter kit just for the ramp!

I am sure these were used post war. A loading ramp is a ramp, is a ramp, is a ramp regardless of war or peace.

Looks certainly possible to scratch build if the desire is great enough.

I think if used as a display base I would want to include at least a short portion of the less expensive Dragon four axle flatcar just to set the stage and to clearly explain just what this device was used for. At least include the first truck and decking.

I took a different approach to a similar problem recycling a 2 axle flat car into an end-of-track loading ramp.


Truly transportable mobile loading ramp from the Great War:

Illustration used here for discussion purposes ONLY.

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Yes, it is used at the railroad.
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An SSyms could also be used to transport other heavy stuff so in that case the railroad aspect dominates.
A railroad bridge used as diorama accessory to display tanks driving under it? Diorama, Armorama or Railroad? What if the bridge has lost the tracks and is used as a local path for sheep, cows, peasants and tourists? Railroad or diorama? The bridge was built for the railroad and then abandoned.
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