Possible Mis-filed RR Topic

Something recently posted in the “General Site Discussions” section rather than in either WWII Axis Armor" or “Railroad Modeling:”

Don’t care, Robin/Uncle I still say this topic is mis-filed.

Robin how come your new call sign is not accepting IM messages? Or is that another “user error” on my part?

Don’t know.

It’s a box you have to check on your preferences page. Once checked, you will receive messages.

Then I think this is a step you need to check on your own page as I get a Discourse message that says YOU are not accepting messages at this time!

Also how do I even get to the page you are suggesting here?

Follow the numbers in the screen shot.

Again what/where do I click to get to the page you keep pointing me to?


Arrow nr 1 points to your profile image, Gino made a screenshot from his screen so the image shows his profile photo.
Follow the numbered arrows. step by step …

Finally ~ SUCCESS ~ I now know how to get to the gearwheel icon! It is ONLY three levels down and not an intuitive find at all.

You programming jockeys and database heads just think all this $hit should be a given. That we should all just know how to find every little thing on the website just because you understand it does not mean the rest of us do.

Just look at the demographics of this website. Are the primary contributors mostly over 50? Are the primary users (to a lessor degree) also over 50-60? I suspect yes. So slant the site construction TOWARDS your primary uses.

The gearwheel icon should have been located up on the same level as the “search” icon.

When I approach a new website or computer/human interface I click on things
and start exploring. “Hey, what does this button do?”
Sometimes I get unwanted/unexpected results but most of the time the “system”
gives warnings if the “button” is about to do something regrettable.

The topic is not misfiled. It’s 1/35 scale railroad related and we have always covered that scale on Armorama. Also the article is posted on Armorama so of course it’s EXACTLY where it is suppose to be.

As for the other issue I have no idea.

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