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T-Rex Studio announces several new 3D printed tracks for Cold War Soviet Tanks

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Look excellent but wondering about the price …

Considering the price of their similar tracks, probably around $35


That would be excellent as far as I’m concerned for a very detailed track. But will they fit all the kits out there?

I’m a little concerned about the number of tracks in a set. I’m working on a T-54 right now (mini-art) that calls for 90 links per track. This set would leave me about 5 short I think? Any way to contact them before they ship?

Their website has a contact e-mail:

They are usually active on Facebook as well.

I dropped them an email. I just feared (wrongly) that there would be no response. Dino responded that that is a mistake - there are 195 links per set.

Ok that’s great to hear Phil

Just went on their website to order a few sets of tracks; $39.99 for shipping weather you order 2 or 4 sets. They’re $34.99 or $36.99 for each set which is very good to me but the shipping is ridiculous.

Sprue brothers has some of the German ones but not the Russian ones I’m looking for. Their shipping has got to be better since they’re in the US. Maybe they’ll get the Russian stuff in soon. My go to site BNA doesn’t have them, Haven’t checked any other sites yet.

I don’t think they’ve arrived with retailers yet. Looks like HLJ is a stockist also, but don’t have the new ones yet (don’t even have the old new ones, I think). But I don’t think shipping is going to be much better from HLJ?

I ordered some of T-Rex products from Hobby Easy…
Reasonable prices and shipping.

Ok may have to give them a try thanks !

Yeah just check hobby east and they have a few products but not the new Russian track sets I’m looking for but as has been said they probably haven’t reached the distributors yet

So I’m starting to assemble mine. Any tips from anyone who has done this already? I was hoping for a template but there is not one. I’m guessing just stick them to a piece of two sided tape and then slide in the pins but welcome any additional (and better insight) about how to…

Here are a couple of 15 link runs I’ve made. I think doing two 15 link runs in a session will be about as much as I can do. They are a little more fiddly than the Bronco tracks for the KV series because there isn’t a template to put them in until you have the pins in, and because they are brittle. They mostly don’t need cleanup but there are a few track segments that have something I would call flash on them. I thought a quick swipe with the sanding stick, but that just broke the link, so I’m flicking them off with my thumbnail. Some of the pins broke just shaking them out of their package. Still, they are quite nice.

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I forgot to add, these fit perfectly around the mini-art T-55 drive sprockets…

They look nice Phil and don’t seem to be that much work

That there is no cleanup is a major advantage.

That’s great I’d like to get my hands on a few of them.