T72..... A bit damp

That looks really good, love the added greenery, very realistic :+1:


Very tricky John, but a genius idea!

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Cheers Matt & Bert :+1: … I am hoping once dry they look the part


It will be interesting to see the outcome.



If that works (and I can see no real reason why it wouldn’t) it will so add realism.

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Working title: A Russian in the rushes?


Quiet like how these turned out now that layer has dried.

May cut a few more this week and do a few more areas / clumps…

Have now added a new unmixed pour, which will hopefully level it all out now…


Wow John those reeds look remarkable! Excellent feature!


Reeds look great !


Those rushes really add to the build John, :+1: :slightly_smiling_face:, and congrats on the water, given all the pours I think you’ve done an amazing build, no bubbles spotted thus far, :+1:.

How many more layers to go?

G, :beer:


There have been come cracks but I was expecting that as some of the pours have been a tad uneven… so far I have 6 pours from the 500ml bottle, 2 with a colour mix and 4 from the bottle. this is whats left in the bottle.

I will do another pour later tonight… then cut away the portions of the box sides I don’t need anymore as I know where the top level will get to…

Your question about remaining pours/layers ???
I genuinely think about another 8 to 10… 2 of which will be the AK puddles medium… it’s a long slow process … I will need to order another bottle of the artists acrylic pour medium though…


The box sides have been cut back to what will be the final height … all in all, I removed about 12 to 13mm from the sides and front wall… I then did the pour, another unmixed one. This should be the one that pretty much levels it all off.

The visible browny coloured areas are some high parts that are now hopefully level.

The bank side.

From the rear, with the LH mudguard just having the pour reach it now.

The side and the one with metal rule shows shows how far I still have to go with the pours… probably another 10 to 12mm…

And an overall shot…

I am thinking of removing more of the barrel, probably from a 1/4 of the way down the fume extractor so I can have the turret slewed round more, and pretending more of the barrel is submerged…


The water part of this is taking more time than all the other work put together, but it sure is worth it, looks great​:+1::+1::+1: And nice idea to get the turret turned more, will look nice with that barrel desappearing in the water.
Would also have been nice to see it underneath the water, and the whole tank, but that would have meant cleater water and underwater vegetation and fish and mud still flying around in thecwater and… more work :grin:


I know that you started this experimentally John but your results are really stellar. SO many things can go wrong with pouring resin water and you haven’t had a whisper of error. This is really progressing to be a real eye catcher of a piece. You can be mighty proud of this work.
Oh T-72 of the lake, what is your wisdom?


Cheers Matt and Bert… it’s definitely a real WIP and seems to continually develop…

I mentioned about chopping the barrel…

It’s chopped :rofl:

Started off with that cut … but needed more… I ended up cutting off about 7 cm…

This is what it looks like now and the acrylic pour should cover it nicely …

Won’t get any more done till next weekend as I’m away on a course …