"Take'em Down... NOW! "

I’m still working on this diorama. Adding a little more details and weathering to certain parts and areas.


You have really produced a captivating image there Tom. Great detailing and you get a real feel for the action. Really nice.

Appreciate it Johnny.

Nice tight scene with lots of action and a sense of urgency. Well done.

You nailed the burnt-out look of the car and the trailer… I like it a lot…

I think the most compelling aspect of this, and all your work, is the level of commitment and the attention to detail. I’ve been an admirer of you models for several years dating back to the first time I saw your build(s) of Vietnam softskins, your M54s specifically, long before there was even a resin conversion from Real Model. We here are probably the one audience that can really appreciate the effort that went into your vignette here, painting a rusted or burned out vehicle is an art in itself. I enjoy your inspiring “portraits”.

Thank you Armorsmith.

Thank you Bruc84.

Agincajun, you definitely know ne well. :slight_smile: I appreciate your devoted artistic view and support for my work. I’ve certainly been around for a long time and as you stated, before even official kits and aftermarkets parts were available. I remember building the LAVIII, even before a kit came out. The funny thing, soon after it was built, a kit cane out, about a year or two, if my memory serves me right. :slight_smile: I’m always the one to go against the flow of things… Kinda my trademark.

Excellent work!

Thank you kindly Colin. Appreciate your comment.

Hi Charles,

Excellent story telling in such a relatively small space, and the burnt out technical is excellent, :slightly_smiling_face:.

Cheers, :beer:,


Glad you liked the results G-man69. :slight_smile:

lookin good! :grin:

Appreciate it. Thank you.

Your figure work is beautiful and that burnt out truck is really impressive. Great burnt effects!

Thank you kindly. Appreciate it.

Really nice work. I agree with the other comments about the details and burnde truck. Nicely done Sir!

Glad you like the results. I appreciate it alot.

Awesome! Some close-up pics would be great, plz?