Taking a Diorama to the NEXT LEVEL


bonkers but great

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Its impressive in an odd way, but that guy needs to get out more lol

And you say that with people frequenting this forum who routinely (and literally) count rivets, agonise endlessly over what colour the interior of a tool bin should be and to what angle (to the 10th of a millimetere) the side skirts on Tiger 321 ought to be set to.

In my opinion, that guy right there would be a breath of fresh air in comparison.

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Lol … fair one … and I suppose he was outside in the fresh air doing it

Yep, no windows for him to lick there mate. :grin:

Yep, this is what happens on a Saturday afternoon when you’re bored out of your skull and there’s nothing in the stash . . . the fact that it’s a fully functional hydro-electric dam is pretty cool though, the steel re-enforced cement was impressive but hacking away at the PVC pieces with a box cutter is kind of scary :anguished:

Cajun :crocodile:

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