Takom Chieftain Mk10


The best modeling advice anyone ever gave me was to “do the simple things properly.” My last few builds have been borderline overdone, I pushed the weathering a little too far, especially the dust effects and so on, and it started to make them look confused and cluttered, too much going on etc.


I decided to make my next build a simple out of the box, restrained, precise and neat model with subtle weathering and streaking, just to see if less really is more. And you know what? I think it is. This is an interesting build for me as I grew up as an Army kid in Paderborn/Sennelager and Catterick, Bordon etc and I used to see these beasts screaming around in clouds of blue smoke in a blaze of headlights and orange beacons, and marveled at them. This is a Chiefy as I remember them from my childhood.

It was a shelf queen that I’d started last year having only done the wheels and one set of the tracks and I picked it up ostensibly to get it out of the stash. If you haven’t rescued a partially finished build from the stash purgatory recently, I do recommend it.

So I built it and painted it and, you may or may not agree, but it’s my neatest work. It’s the easiest on the eye, perhaps it is my best work.

You can perhaps see the advances I’m making in my airbrushing too; I think I’m really getting some good results with VMA paints now. Here too, less is certainly more. My days of whanging the VMA straight into the pot and spraying it on in one or two thick layers are long gone now. It’s really rewarding to really get to grips with them, the thinning profiles and so on. They really reward a modeler prepared to put the time in and who is prepared to use different needle sizes and air pressures. A lot don’t like them I know but they are my favourite and I dont think i would move to lacquers at this point - Vallejo is just easier, healthier, simpler to clean, easier to judge and any issues on the colours (and there are a few) can be easily remedied if you take the time to blend colours and test them first as I have learned to do.

Something else I did differently here was use a “smaller” airbrush. I used a Creos PS-771 for the whole model, with a really tiny needle, as opposed to a HPCS/HP-C with a 0.3mm which is my usual workhorse. It’s startling how differently VMA paints behave if you learn how to use them with smaller needle so-called “detail” brushes.

Base coat was 50% VMA Bronze Green and 40% Ger Camo Dark Green with 10% NATO black in it to darken it and about 15psi. Thinned only about +15% and with a couple of drops of retarder. Highlight layers were just a few drops of Sand Ivory into the cup and then more thinner and dropped down to 10psi. Camo was plain VMA NATO Black freehanded on and I am really pleased with how it looks.


Build time 45 hours not including the Friuls.
This is the first Takom I’ve actually enjoyed. I find their sprue gates stupid and the plastic they use a bit thick, but this has maybe turned my mind around. It won’t be my last Takom. I have a few in the stash :slightly_smiling_face:

Let me know what you think in the comments.




Build looks great.

I get that.


Excellent build and fantastic paint job. Subtle weathering can be tough to achieve but you’ve got it just right. It can be very difficult to learn to know when to stop.


Very sharp looking Chieftain Mk10, very well done. That’s a good looking model and well photographed.



I think you’ve done an excellent job Chris. The Chieftain is one of my favorite tanks, I have to get one or two perhaps from Takom. The finish is excellent as well as the subtle weathering.


Nice Mk10 Chris … Where did you live in Sennelager ?
Nice finish on the wagon… certainly done a nice job, and we very much did make a lot of noise and the occasional bit of smoke (:rofl:) in those,that’s for sure. I still have the Takom Mk 11 I have to do as my last Chieftain ride …

A couple of things though mate …
Your missing the LH ABA on the turret ?
The right hand rear turret basket looks like the corner has become unstuck ?
I would add a convoy plate if you do another on the rear hull… Doesn’t necessarily need a call sign, but it was rare not to have a white plate there.
Not sure how secure that cam net is, but it’s definitely not UK or time frame right for a Chieftain… We were still using the crazy impossibly strong green string type and square cam patches then … Those nets were a PITA when wet … And could trap you for hours if you got caught up in one …lol …

It is a great build though, brings back lots of nice memories from Senny …

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Brilliant feedback thanks mate, this is advice I need to be getting. I’ll never improve otherwise.

I’ll rejig the camo net (I know exactly what you mean come to think of it, I remember now, you’re right. I know what to do) and add the ID bits you mention.

The basket seems to have knocked loose, it was fine earlier but I didn’t catch it in the photos, thanks. It’s weird how the eye just doesn’t see things like that. It’s like an optical illusion.

My dad was in the ACC, I lived in Sennelager from the age of two to almost five, so 82-85. Then Aldershot until I was six (1986) and Catterick until I was nine (86-89). We moved around a lot.


A lovely piece there Chris- reminds me of photos of these when they were in service. You’ve captured the color and camo pattern very faithfully.


We didn’t get to Senny until mid to late 86… Possibly early 87…

Convoy plate…


It’s perfectly fine to leave it just white … Sometimes troops forgot to repaint the C/S back on … Or you could just add a black broken circle for C Sqn …


Perfect. I’m a big fan of the “restrained” school of weathering.


That is a very nice looking tank!!


That’s a real beauty there! I like your weathering and stowage approach that you took here. Well maintained and used, but not abused. Carry on with this approach and you will have plenty of work to be proud of!


Wonderful Chieftain! I have a Mk.2 to build and trying to work up the courage to do so. I enjoyed seeing yours and the Great job you did. Keep it up and look forward to seeing more!



Lost in Ohio


Chris, just bear in mind that with “CFE” stencilled on the vehicle your model is destined as a range hulk. “CFE” (Conventional Forces in Europe) was one of those mad, peace-dividend type “let’s get rid of everything that makes us strong and powerful” schemes that emerged with indecent haste after the end of the Cold War. (There’s a bit more to it than that but I’ll let you do the Googling).

Nice model but as I say, due to be a range target so would be unlikely to be kitted out with very much. Of course, you could always paint over the offending abbreviation and go on your way with your model representing something else, which would be easy enough to do I should think.

If you want to tackle the cam nets in a different way you might find my methodology as used on my Leopard way back when, useful:

Leopard 1A1 - Armor/AFV / Cold War - KitMaker Network

(I know this isn’t the ideal way to cross refer to other sections but is all I can manage at the moment)

I stress might of course(!)


Boots - Blimey, I didn’t know that! Thanks for pointing it out, I had no idea.

See this is why i love this website - I learn so much!

Re the camo netting I actually saw your Leopard post a while back and was going to do exactly that.

I will repost a pic or two once I finish her off.

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU everyone for your kind and constructive feedback. It has always been my goal to produce a show-worthy build and although I’m not there yet by any means, I am inching closer largely by virtue of practice and the feedback and suggestions I get from the community here. Your kindness and wisdom is much appreciated.


Roger that Chris, 'glad to be of help.

This is indeed a great website; I suspect I take out far more than I put back in. There’s generally always someone who will know, or will at least point you in the right direction.

Carry on enjoying the hobby!


Thank you for your advice on how to do the cam net,if i bugger up the barrel its getting cammed up.
I need to find 1/35 scale hessian netting or something like as i would like to put it on the NBC pack with the cam net poking out of both ends,i better start drinking tea lol.:grin::+1::uk:


Basic gauze bandage is all I use for the netting; easily available from any chemist. Good luck!


Think you have made a great Chief.Im not one for heavy weathering either.Id like to do one sometime maybe the early Mark 2.I made a Tamiya one years ago and must do another.Im not one to lay out loads of wedge on kits as id make a hash of them.If a cheaper kit turns out ok then win win for me.
Happy modelling.