Takom Chieftain Mk10

Chris, just bear in mind that with “CFE” stencilled on the vehicle your model is destined as a range hulk. “CFE” (Conventional Forces in Europe) was one of those mad, peace-dividend type “let’s get rid of everything that makes us strong and powerful” schemes that emerged with indecent haste after the end of the Cold War. (There’s a bit more to it than that but I’ll let you do the Googling).

Nice model but as I say, due to be a range target so would be unlikely to be kitted out with very much. Of course, you could always paint over the offending abbreviation and go on your way with your model representing something else, which would be easy enough to do I should think.

If you want to tackle the cam nets in a different way you might find my methodology as used on my Leopard way back when, useful:

Leopard 1A1 - Armor/AFV / Cold War - KitMaker Network

(I know this isn’t the ideal way to cross refer to other sections but is all I can manage at the moment)

I stress might of course(!)