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A week ago TAKOM announced their three new Hetzer kits. Now the company shows the kit box arts. Enjoy!

This is partial text from the full article (usually with photos) at https://armorama.com/news/takom---hetzer-box-arts

This is really great news from Takom !
Does anybody make an aftermarket set to build a Swiss G13 Hetzer ? Or, should I hold out hope that eventually Takom will release a G13?
Thanks Takom!!!

That does beg the question which version of the G-13. I think there was 2 or 3 variants as I recall.

There is this set for the Dragon kit.

WOW!! Thanks Ryan for the quick response ! I’ll have to dig out what reference material I have on the Hetzer in general but focus on the G13.
I just checked Scalemates on availability. At $35 without shipping I’m going to pass and hope for Takom to release a G13.
But thanks for the link !

There is this build without that set

And one with for reference.

Contact me for extra info

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Many thanks Ryan for your efforts and the links!
Olivier, if you happen to check this post out many thanks! The history lesson of the Swiss G13 was a great reminder of my past readings and why I want to build one.
Smolensk, GREAT scratch work on a very old kit and the paint mixing tips! This will be very helpful.
Now all I have to do is wait for Takom to release their new Hetzers. Build one and in the mean time hope that they release a Swiss G13!
Thanks again guys for your efforts and help!

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Looking forward to these kits. Any word (or guess) when we can actually order them and they will be in?