Takom M48 series coming

Takom is hinting at a new line of M48 kits coming. This could be interesting. Saw this on Facebook.

It looks like an M48A3 on the left, an M247 SGT York AA gun middle, and an M48A5 from Korea on the right.


They have the turret molds ready from their CM-11 kits, so lets see how good their hull will be. I hope they add plastic tracks and not their vinyl ones.

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Yup, I used one on a Dragon M48 hull left over from my M60 AVLB project (I used the CM-11/M60 hull) to build an M48A5 from Korea. The turret is really nice. Based on their M60s, these should be good.

Ooooo this would make me very happy

Oh Takom I love you! :wink:

Fingers crossed for the early M48 with the external TC .50. :crossed_fingers:t3:


If you are right I am for sure grabbing the A5

M247 Sergeant York? Time to discard my old Academy kit!

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Looking forwards to seeing the M48A3 especially. Now I’ve just finished the dragon one LOL

Wow; this pic has just prompted the thought that they might, just might, make an M103A1. Well, one can dream(!) Thanks Takom for keeping us Cold War modellers happy!


ooh my oh my… I would love to see that. I will post this suggestion on their FB page

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I would love to see a first production run of the M48 too. And without doubt, I will be grabbing the M48A5… I was a TC on one back in 1984 in Korea before we traded them in for M60A3s.

Yeah, I’m tempted by the Sgt York and the A3 from this trio. I already have a Dragon A5 in my stash.

somewhere I’ve got a couple of M48a2’s hidden away for a 3/4 CAV build that’s been stalled for years. A new TAKOM kit would get my heart pumping again. I’m almost certain that an M48a3 from them would be better than the Dragon. Still want a plastic M56!!

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The asymmetrical MG mount is a complex casting on the early M48. Hoping Takom goes there. I’ve been impressed with their M60’s.

I’ve wanted the dragon A5 for a while but can’t find it reasonably priced anymore so I’d be pumped for a new one

Woot. Sgt York. Huge fan of heroic failures. Nearly bought the Tamiya version recently…

Hope it comes with an appropriately frightened out-house.

Or a bleacher stand full of VIPs… :smirk:


They already have the T97 and T142 tracks in vinyl, so i would imagine that’s what we’ll get.

looks like it’s high time I finished my M48A5 that’s been sitting unfinished for nearly a decade.

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