Takom M60A1 w/ERA and Dozer Blade build

I have started on the Takom USMC M60A1 w/ERA and Dozed Blade. I will be building it basically OOB. The obligatory box art.

It represents this USMC tank from Operation Desert Shield/Storm ('90-'91).

So far, I have the basic hull built and have started on the dozer hydraulic system parts. This is my second Takom M60. I used the hull from their CM-11 Brave Tiger kit on my M60 AVLB project a few years ago. The kit is just falling together with no issues.

Here is the basic hull. The extended headlights and their guards that are part of the blade kit have been added. As part of the ERA kit, the grenade stowage boxes have also been relocated to the sides of the air cleaner boxes.

On the left rear, you can see the hydraulic reservoir parts, along with the hoses that go down the back of the tank and enter the engine compartment on the left side.

The kit is very complete and even includes the hydraulic hoses that go under the left side of the hull up to the front to raise/lower the blade.

Next up is the blade. More to come later.


Does the kit come with aluminum wheels? The A3 with dozer kit does not. I am using AFV kit and Panzer Art wheels.

Yes, it comes with two complete sets of road wheels; both steel and aluminum.


Watching with interest. Almost pulled the trigger on this kit on the sprue bros deal. Might will grab it later. The m60 is one of my favourite cold war era tanks

Noice. Glad they updated the kit.

Looks like a sweet build so far. I’ll be lurking to see how it progresses.

Lovely start with this one. I will also be tagging along as I remember playing with this a few times in Germany when we did Active Edge/Reforgers.

Looking forward to your progress on this Gino. Got the kit sitting patently waiting it’s turn so very interested to see if there are any foibles and your solutions.

Thanks all. I’m glad there is a lot of interest in this one.

Work continues. I have completed the hull w/dozer blade and ERA.

The blade parts are really nice and went together well.

I discovered that if you don’t fully follow the instructions, which would have you glue all the blade parts solid, it can still be left movable. All of the articulating points snap together with pins and holes. As long as you don’t glue the moving parts, you will be good and can place the blade at any position you want.

A few more detail shots.

The ERA plates on the front glacis area.

The rear of the hull w/the relocated tow cables.

That’s it for now. Next up is the turret.


Lovely neat work Gino, looks like this one is flying along.

Looking really good and your making short work of that kit!


Yeah looks great so far Gino

Great progress so far! Just out of curiosity: wouldn’t placing the hydraulic hoses where they are, make them extremely vulnerable to damage when scraping the bottom?

Thanks gents. It is going smoothly. I really like these Takom M60 kits. I hope to get some more work done on it this weekend; busy week, not a lot done (i.e.: none).

Not really. Being tucked up under/along the road wheels was a pretty safe place. Also, the front part, where it was more apt to rub, has an armored box/cover over them. The system worked pretty well.

I’ll be watching with interest. I’ve got their M60A3 Dozer scheduled to arrive next week.
Looks like it goes together quite quickly.

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Thanks Eb. It is going together very smoothly; no issues at all. I should have some more pics tomorrow.

I have one of these too, so I am following along.

I got quite a bit done this weekend. I have completed the turret. The way you do the mantlet cover with a PE bolt strip is really nice, and simple. The turret basket is nice when done, but was a bit fiddley to get together and lined with the included PE screen. The rods are really thin and bend easily.


The commander’s cupola is very nice as well. It is very detailed and looks great.


I have moved on to starting the ERA panels. They are very detailed, especially the rails that they attach to. The rails are very nice, with individual connection points for each ERA plate with bolt heads and nuts. The stanchions that they sit off the turret are very well done also.


Work continues on the ERA plates…


Great details with this Gino, looks crisp and neat.

Thanks John. It is going together with no issues. Takom’s M60 kits are really well engineered and fun to build.

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