Takom SANDF G6

Go to the dollar store and buy a bunch of poster putty. It works superbly as masking putty and is actually superior to the commercial masking putties in that it doesn’t “crawl” or fowl PE mesh. :+1:

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Looks great! It is quite a beast.

Looking forward to see more. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Is this what is often called blu-tac? If so I find it to be too sticky and hard to remove. I have tried it once and the small parts didn’t like it when I removed the putty. Is there a way to get it less sticky but still effective? :blush:


Yes, this is Blu-Tac. You can buy MUCH less expensive stuff at the dollar store though. It is usually yellow or grey. I reduce the stickiness by kneading it in my hands for a while. The skin oils reduce the tackiness. It’s also a good stress reliever! :grin:

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Sorry to go slightly off topic here Olivier, but out to Matt, does the cheaper blu tac leave any residue ? I sometimes use play doh and that does, but the washes and weathering usually cover it at the end.

Back to Olivier, the G6 is looking better and better, what’s the actual cam going to be ?

Great work! it always saddens me that the interior is so amazing and it gets hidden under other parts, but wow that is a monster ! keep them coming!

John, the poster putty does slightly mark a few makes of acrylics, but the first wash takes care of it.

I always seal the base coat with some klir. Probably this could help avoid marks. I’ll see.

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Yes a clear coat over the base coat would stop marks. That’s a great idea.

Do you have silly putty?


I assume you are going for the tri-color camo? I am like you in that I hate masking. I free handed mine with the AB, didn’t follow the camo pattern in the instructions and it came out not badly. Just adjust the size of the stripes etc.


I usually paint my model freehand with my AB too. In some instances I just paintbrush the edges of the stripes and use the AB to fill the patches and slightly overlap the edges. This avoids masking and allows to get a nice soft edge finish like this.

That looks great! I believe that technique will work perfectly on your G6.

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I hope so. :grin:
Otherwise I’ll have to restart from a new base coat.


OK here is the moment of truth (as we say in French). I used the technique mentioned above to paint the camo. The result is not perfect as my AB needle is too large. But the base is acceptable. I need to fix some overspray here and there.
What do you think of it?

And I give a red card to Takom for not being able to give correct painting instructions where the colors limits match from one view to another. :rage:



I honestly think it looks very good. The over spray must be minimal as nothing jumps out as obvious. Any issues you think that it may have Olivier would be toned down or masked once it’s washed and weathered. How do go about doing the wheels as I’m interested in how I will tackle mine for the Stryker campaign.

Thank you for the comments John.
Concerning the wheels I have painted the rims to avoid any reaction with the vinyl tires. The tires are rubbed with steel wool to remove the shiny look. Then I weather the tires with pigments and sometimes with diluted acrylic paints.


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Many thanks Olivier, I will give that a try for mine.

Olivier, I don’t know what you were so worried about. That camo turned out fantastic! You have just the right mix of all three colors and the edges are beautiful. It’s a huge vehicle to cover and it really does look excellent. What’s the grey area on the barrel for? Recoil?

Thank you Matthew. It looks fine on the general view but I had to fix some overspray. Unfortunately the camo scheme given by Takom is far from perfect.
The grey area is the bare plastic that I have now painted dark iron to depict the recoil you’re right.
I have started to paint the details which are scarce in fact. I still need to paint the aiming stakes. Pictures will be posted later.