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Takom has announced a new 2 in 1 Tiger Late / Late Command with Michael Wittmann Figure

This is partial text from the full article (usually with photos) at https://armorama.com/news/takom-wittmann-s-tiger
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Standby to be sick then Sladenyv(!)


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Milking the moulds for what they are worth.

I’d rather see more ‘never previously released’ or ‘way overdue for an upgrade’ stuff. Yes they are releasing some of that kind of kit too, but yet another Tiger? Let’s see something like a simple Ford GPA. It would be right up Takom’s alley, they did a Jeep, and with Mr T’s ancient version having so many flaws, ripe for the picking. HS 30, Pansarbandvagn 302 (it was in service for nearly 60 years after all!), etc


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Takom’s decision is obvious, they don’t make anything off of the fanboy purchases of other manufacturers Wittman Tiger’s. Everyone takes a page from the Hasegawa play book, make a new release out of an existing kit by making a minor change it seems.

Tiger & Waffles

If Takom really wants to hit a home run with the Tigerland fan base, a carefully researched version of Tiger ‘‘218’’, sPzAbt 502, 1944

Smoke dischargers & waffle zimmerit on an early Tiger, in the field in ~June 1944. No one has a kit of this unique Tiger on the market. Adding to the tasty nature of “218” is that the orders for removing the smoke dischargers were clearly ignored. Add in a set of well done crew figures posed as above and an optional battle damaged parts and that’s a sweet kit offering in today’s over crowded Tiger landscape. That pierced main gun barrel would be a heck of an optional part if done correctly :thinking:

Plus S-mine launchers and a mass of earlier Tiger fiddle bits :violin:…hell I’d buy at least two copies to go with my home brewed kit bash of this Tiger.


Maybe an aftermarket set, but no mainstream manufacturer would do enough research and one-off parts for 218…

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Matt, I think your right.

An aftermarket update set for this kit would be an efficient solution.

Something like…

  1. sticker or decal zimmerit
  2. battle damaged barrel & glacis
  3. crew figures
  4. choice PE details to update selected parts
  5. new MG’s (brass) & new antenna (brass)
  6. working 3D printed tracks
  7. decals

Probably would cost 2x more than the base kit.

Edit - takom-gruppe-fehrmann-tiger-armorama

Holy Cat-nip Batman, that’s getting close! Make a few changes…

All Hail Takom, the CyberHobby DragonSlayer!


a carefully researched version of Tiger ‘‘218’’, sPzAbt 502, 1944

That photograph is the only known photograph of Tiger “218”.
We cannot see what kind of mantlet it has, whether it has turret-side tracks, or several other smaller details that varied across the Tiger fleet of s.Pz.Abt.502.
I’m sorry but I see no way to do further research on this one.