Takom's 1/16th. Jeep

I just received the kit from Andy’s Hobby. It’s a really nice kit, but there’s a few up grades that will be needed.
The tire sidewalls do not have any markings on them, and while the Mg. supplied is adequate it really needs the Andy’s Hobby brass update.
One question though , they supply a wire cutter for the front bumper. Is this correct ? To me it looks more like a Vietnam era part.

Hi, yes, sadly the wire cutter was needed and used during WW2.

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Video of wire cutter installation

That’s too bad that the kit still needs those obvious upgrades.

New tires and M2 50 cal. sound like a good opportunity for 3D printer enthusiasts.

Embossing is easy to do in CAD:

There appear existing jeep wheel CADs for 3D printing already on the market - just need to rescale and print accordingly:

As for 50 cal, I think my 3D printed version looks better than anything else I’ve seen in 1/16:


Hi, is that your file or did you buy one from a site?
That looks great.

Which one? The wheel or 50 cal. mg?

If 50 cal., I bought the basic design from somewhere then had to revise the heck out of it in CAD software b/c the dimensions were off and there were a number of inaccuracies. It can still use some more improvements of course. Thanks.

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The .50 cal. I bought some files for one but have yet to print it. It looks off to me.

I think you are right.

I believe that Andy mentioned in a video of the (I think) test run of the kit that the production kits tires would have more detail.
Not really a problem to me.

I recall that as well. Andy and Aber worked together on a .50 cal set for the Jeep and Sherman kits. I do like James .50 cal.

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When you mentioned “Aber”, the first word came to my mind was “expensive”. Haha

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The .50 looks great

I don’t disagree. The .50 cal ammo set with links does look nice.

I’d like to see some .30 cals and their various mounts for the jeep kit


Sounds like something I can CAD and 3D print in 1/16.

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Lots of mount options for the .30 cal and most in 35th aren’t 100% correct

FC Modeltrend has a 30Cal. with mount for the 1/16th. Jeep.
It is #16510 Browning M1919 for Jeep in 1/16th. scale
View it at www.fcmodeltrend.com

Hey an update for those that want to up detail the 1/16th. Takom Jeep.
FC Modeltrend has a set of wheels in 1/16th. with the sidewall lettering (Nice) for 20,66 E
also a set of Jeep Willys Ford logos for 6,61 E
There’s also a slat grill,
I just ordered the wheels & logos

I dare to say that those accessories mentioned I can 3D print in 1/16 at the same quality or better at a lower price than FC M. I have some of their offerings and thought they were a bit overpriced.

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Id love to see a .30 cal for that kit.