Tamiya ABS cement for 3D Printed stuff


I want to know if the tamiya cement for ABS can be used to bond a 3D printed kit and/or can be used to stick 3D printed pieces to a styrene plastic.

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I print my own stuff all the time and I would say it depends.

While the glue itself won’t actually chemically bond the two materials it will allow the plastic to melt and in a way indent the 3d print into the plastic. Kind of like pushing a piece of plastic into playdoh and then solidifying. So it would work kinda but only with a small part and the bond won’t be the strongest. For the best result and overall I would just go with CA glue.

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super glue is your best bet on 3d printed stuff, that’s what i use.


@Dan_Linares : What material does the 3D-printed part consist of?

CA or epoxy is your best bet.

There are different kinds of resin used in 3D-printing. One of the most common gray resins typically used by 3D-printers is a kind of acrylate plastic, chemically related to Plexiglas. Cements and glues that work with Plexiglas, generally, will work with 3D-printed acrylate plastic.

Glues intended for polystyrene plastic like “Tamiya Extra Thin” and “Testors Liquid Cement” will not work with acrylate plastic.

Most 3D-printed models come attached to a tray called a “printing raft” which is discarded after cutting away the model. Printing rafts make great test beds for different kinds of glue and paint. Try your glue and paint of choice on a discarded raft to see how well they work.