Tamiya Brummbär 1/35

Hi all!
I’m working now on this old Tamiya kit. I used Eduard PE set and zimmerit, and Aber metal barrel.




you’ve really put some detail into that kit, well done indeed.

Those additions have really lifted that Brummbar. You have taken it to many new levels. It is looking outstanding, great details all over it. Top work.

go on

Minor progress, I’ve started to assembly the Friul tracks.


Wow that looks excellent! Great build job on that Brumbar . The detail work is excellent

I agree with @metalhead85; very nicely done. :+1:

Looking good. Really nice up detailing of an older kit.

I was looking at mine in the stash just this morning and wondering if I’d ever get round to building it as it isn’t very accurate and to be honest i was thinking about getting the newer Tamiya one instead but your pics have changed my mind. You’ve done an absolutely incredible job here.

My old Brummy has gone from bottom of the stash to one of the next ones on the bench because of you.

Just need to order that Aber barrel and the zimmerit…

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Oh very nice! The PE zimmerit has to be easier to do than the old method of using putty to add the stuff.

I think the decal Zimmerit from DEF and Tamiya is great; adheres evenly to the model and can be easily trimmed to fit other brands of kits. DEF comes standard on Academy’s Panzer IV Ausf. H Mid. kit (13516)

Oh but where’s the fun in that? The character building by putty? :wink:


I got more than my share of character building cleaning out grease pits! :face_vomiting:

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The Friul tracks assembled. Next step the side skirts.


That’s outstanding! Really great job there.

Looks great. Still trying to figure where I want to go with mine.


Nice bär! As for the skirts I planned something like yours but I gonna build it from brass plates.

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The Schürzen will look much better that way; you can bend it to show damage and it’ll be more realistic that way.