Tamiya Challenger 1 WIP

Just to exemplify the Chally with both types of wheels piece:


Cool! I seem to remember reading somewhere that Trumpy had revised the wheels in one of their kits, have to dig that up. I also was perusing a review of the Trump kit on BritModeller, bad juju, but upon checking the kit I have I can see it’s been re-tooled to correct some obvious mistakes, so I guess that’s good.
I’ve got a couple to paint and weather, then I’m pretty sure the Trump Ch2 is next. The pic above is pretty much what I want to model.

Thats what had always put me off the Trumpy kits, bad press … would be interested in some images of the box and sprues if you ever get the chance. Its good if they have made good some of the issues and its a workable kit now.

The corrected wheels appear in the Airfix boxing of the Trumpy kit, so they must appear in some of the Trumpy-branded versions. Will they simply replace the tooling in their older kits without marking them to make it obvious? Or will it be buyer-roulette as to what’s in the box?

I can actually do that, take sprue shots and such, and since I also have the Tamiya kit, some side-by-sides of the areas pointed out in the review I found.
Airfix issue not seen here, interesting.

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That would be great Russ, cheers. It will be interesting to see what things like the engine deck detailing is like as I dont think the trumpy kit comes with PE screens.

Great build Russel.

I can only underline the comments made by others.

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Thanks Marc, I appreciate it.
Johnny, I’ll get to it in a bit, and you’re right, no PE in the Trump kit, and as far as I can tell, no AM either. I do have the Tamiya PE engine screens, so I can test fit those on the Trumpy hull as well.

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Russel, just a slight warning - though I’ve no idea what wheels the latest Trumpeter kits provide - but if you wish to mix and match the wheels ie perforated and solid, then you may end up purchasing Accurate Armour wheels, as I did; however, they were a different diameter to the kit (solid) wheels so I then had to acquire more AA wheels but the solid versions. A tad frustrating.

(Still haven’t finished it either)

I’ll most likely stick with the kit wheels. If I want to build a later tank I expect I’ll plop down the dough for the RFM kit. I really don’t think the Trump kit is worth the expenditure of a set of AA wheels, odd to hear from someone who just used two sets of Friuls on what many consider a couple of “old” kits, I know.
I hope to get the Trump kit started soon, and I’ll do the side-by-side shots with the Tamiya kit then.

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