Tamiya - Cromwell MK IV

The Tamiya kit was a joy to build :slight_smile: That’s really all there is to say about the build. Used the Tamiya PE screens and otherwise it’s a stock build.

Completed the British Cromwell in 2009 but didn’t finish the project with a base and name plate until today. The vinyl tracks fell a part into several large sections and the model went from being a Cromwell to a Crom-not-so-well. Managed to find all the pieces and more or less super glue the tracks back together.

Happy to at last wrap my first complete project since 2003 :slight_smile:

Picked up a clearance bookcase for cheap for additional shelf space for the old Cromwell and hopefully some newly completed projects to follow.


Sorry to hear abut the tracks but sounds like you made a nice recovery. Have never had any trouble with Tamiya tracks so your report is rather troubling. Nice recovery though and a nice looking build with subtle weathering. :+1: :+1:

Looks great. I love British tank design and the Cromwell exemplifies it so much!

@Armorsmith & @McRunty

DV & Rory, thank you!

I’m definitely a fan of how British Armour looks as well. Would really like to do a Crusader when that new kit hits the market.

This my only Tamiya kit that had issues with the vinyl tracks out of dozens of them over the years. It seems like the major exception. Last week went through dozens of models well over 20+ years old none of the vinyl track kits had issues.

Isn’t it the glueable type in the Cromwell kit? Could they have been affected by any paint that you might have used?

Maybe the “softness” in them simply evaporated over time?


Very nicely done Wade. I have this kit on my mind for my next build now! I think I also have some plastic indi-link tracks for it and sandbags for the front ready to go.

If you are talking about the Border Models Crusader kit, its already out and the sprues and kit look great. The tracks on that one will be the challenge as when I opened the box they are all individual plastic pins from memory.

IIRC the Cromwell was one of the first Tamiya kits with the new glue-friendly formula. In general this seems to make tracks vulnerable to chemical attack from solvent-based paints and weathering products, with disastrous results. My Tam kits all have HB indy-links instead. Same issues dog the Dragon DS tracks and Tasca/Asuka tracks…

@Nickpal01 Nick, thank you. Sand bags will definitely make a nice addition. Yes Border’s Crusader! Indy w/plastic pins…yikes…I will definitely look for aftermarket tracks for that kit.

@barkingdigger Tom, thank you for the info, I knew Dragon’s stuff had issues but didn’t know the Tasca/Asuka kit tracks did as well.

@Robin_Nilsson , Yes Robin the tracks were the glueable tracks. They have lost all of their softness and are quiet brittle.

I’ve used the same Floquil paint and naphtha for thinner on other sets of Tamiya glueable tracks without the same issue. Those tracks lost flexibility but didn’t shatter like the ones on the Cromwell did.

Wade, nice, clean build and I like the weathering. It’s nice to see a tank without an Army/Navy surplus store heaped on it for a change. Classy presentation too. Congrats on completing one Bro!

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Ditto what Matt said!
I think the lightly weathered look is perfect for it.