Tamiya King Tiger Porsche turret 1/35

I needed a break from my airplane builds for a bit and I have been putting off this Tiger that I want to zim and do a 3 tone scheme with.

The look will be a more aggressive pattern than on the box. I have the mask but I have another idea I want to try without using this mask to get the same look.

But heck, even that might change.




Looks and sounds good. Be a change to see the Porsche turret :+1:

I wish people would stop calling it the Porsche turret. Because it isn’t. That turret is known as the Versuchsturm, and the one fitted to the 51st and onward Tiger II chassis was the Serienturm.

Porsche had no hand in the design of any turrets as that was given over to Krupp.
/pedantic rant


I wish people wouldnt get upset from using the word porsche as printed on a model box.


Forgot to post the paint mask. I am going to try doing it with just putty. Seems it might be easier than using the tape mask. But I could be totally wrong on this of course.

maybe a tri color purple pink and white ? :see_no_evil:

how to upload a picture online

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Noooooooo ! That will make my eyes bleed… Please don’t :joy:

That masked Tri cam really jumps out… It is very striking.


It would be wheels off.

I am not sure on this mask like I said. Its busy for sure. I wondering if using filters is going to help this more.

That is a pretty complicated pattern, and I couldn’t see myself rolling out all that putty and then having to apply it carefully when the mask is staring at me. Either process will be complicated more if you attach the external bits. Personally, I airbrush freehand and try hard to approximate a pattern but those long lines require a very steady hand that I don’t have. Probably why I haven’t touched this scheme yet.

But it is indeed striking, even mixed in among all the other tri-color schemes.

I wanted to try the scheme to try and learn doing a more complicated scheme. After having the mask in my hand I feel that trying to use the mask for this scheme isnt worth it. But the maker does have many other schemes for the King Tiger that would make it easier. Also just not sure if I would rather the colors somewhat overlap which would be harder with the J’s mask.

I still think having the J’s mask is worth it because at worst I can use it as a visual templett while applying the putty.

Its going to be a tricky one.

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Zim’s knocked out.

The Tamiya zim for this kit was the first time for me using it for a King Tiger. I like the product and it seems the pattern is spot on. Any overhang or under was probably more from me cutting it. I was wondering how it was going to be on the turret hump. But there really is no reason to worry.

All marking holes for future parts placement line right up although you still need to open them up.

Heck, maybe I will try and do a figure with this this one.


We used to joke…

Maybe an over worked Krupp manufacturing engineer got fed up with the inital turret as it was so difficult to make and started calling it “Porsche design” as a slam on the Krupp design engineer.

Considering how terriblely bad and complex Dr Porsche’s Elefant proved its hard to imagine a nastier slam than calling something a “Porsche” design in that time period if one is designing Panzers.

@Mrclark7, looks like your off to a good start with the Zimmerit. The kit is an older one but a good one.


My third time with this kit. next month I hope to get started on a takom one with interior I have.


A good joke indeed, because as much as I admire Dr. Porsche’s automotive endeavors–My first car was a 1969 Type 2 Deluxe 7-seater and my second a 1999 Mark III Jetta Wolfsburg Edition–and I have been a member of several VW car clubs, his tank designs are kind of crap.

I do understand the desire to try to stay relevant to the Fuehrer, but wtf?


Well I have gotten a bit further. I was about to bail on the scheme, but I thought I would try a tackle it. Still trying to figure out a top coat issue, but hope to have more done soon. I had a lot of bleed thru on the taping job because of the zim. I think I have about three hours so far into this turret.


That base paint job turned out really nice!

Still plugging away. The mask falls short about 5mm on both sides. Because of that building with skirts wont be done. I am not a fan of the side skirts on the king tiger, but I do think the porsche turret looks better with them on. About 2 hours just to mask this much. looking at about another 2 easily. One of the simplest tanks to build. But man the wheels and masking is killing me.

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I wish people wouldn’t get upset when someone tries to enlighten us. :laughing:

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masking done, off to painting tomorrow. Again thumbs up to the J’s masking.


This scheme looks really neat even with just the mask. Can’t wait to see it painted!

The scheme will look good once it is weathered.