Tamiya M151A2 Ford MUTT

Back in 1983 or so, I purchased this kit:

for some sort of a diorama that never materialized. I saw Rob Herring’s Hürtgen Forest 1944 - Vignette, and I got inspired to dig this kit out again. (Yes, I have been carting it around, half built, for 38 years.) I know I cannot replicate it exactly as the M151A2 wasn’t used during the Battle of the Hürtgen Forest, and I don’t have nearly the talent; but maybe something similar.

My questions to the Forum as a Builder from the Shiny Side are, how accurate is this kit? Is there any aftermarket support for it?



Def Model has a few tire sets and some include the front suspension bracket missing in the kit. Legend made a few aftermarket sets.

Thanks, Ryan. I’ll have to check them out. Legend “made” sets? Discontinued or out of business?


I am not sure of there state Of business but I saw a few different sets and depends on what you want to build.

It also lacks a lot of details, like pedals and levers around the steering column. Sits to low at the rear, so has to be raised. Bench and seat details are pretty crude as are the whipers and their motor etc etc… Wheels holes need drilling out too.
But rather then bashing the kit, I rather enjoy building them. Did the TOW version, working on the Grenada- and trailer version now.
The missing brackets really are the main letdown for me. And a pain to make yourself, I think.

So, it sounds like it isn’t a bad kit; it just needs a little “help” to bring it up to today’s standards.


The Tamiya M151 kits are still pretty good, and can be great with a little work/upgrades. The Legend sets are still available and add a lot. Def’s wheels sets are really nice and also include the missing upper control arms for the front suspension.

I did a Comparison Review on the new Tamiya M151A1 and M151A2 Grenada vs Academy’s Kits at the old Armorama. I told (showed, but pics are gone) what can be updated to improve them.

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Thanks, Gino. That was a great article. I think it’ll help.


Thanks. Hopefully Jim can restore the pics. You could see what I was talking about much easier with the pics.

Well, they do say a picture is worth a thousand words! Also, your links at the end of your article are “broken”.


Legend also had a Resin full kit of m151 a1, but is very rare to get nowadays. Eduard had Some nice pe parts Sets, but they are as rare as well…