Tamiya M48A3 in progress

In between 3D printing jobs, I have been working slowly on a 1/35 classic Tamiya M48A3. Been following the guidelines from Building the Tamiya M48| Paul Budzik | Fine Scale Modeling faithfully. :smiley:
Comments welcome.

Mantlet cover made with 2-part magic sculpt. Happy with the result.

Reshaped the front with magic sculpt also. Happy with the look.

Used my 3D printed cooling jacket on the M2 50 cal. Improved the look of the kit’s part 100% in my opinion.


Its coming along nicely. Great job at updating an old kit.

It’s looking great, I have a few I planned to build using Paul’s website one day.

Made some progress today after taking a break from 3D CAD work and printing. Finally got to incorporate some of my 3D work onto something, instead of making them for others. :smiley:

Antenna base, 50 cal field-mod base, and 50 cal sleeve are all my 3D prints.

Finally finished the mantlet cover:

Another view of the mantlet and I thinned the kit’s headlight guards a lot.


Looking good. The July 2012 Fine Scale Modeler had a cover story on the Tamiya M48

I’m working on a couple of 2/34 Armor M48’s.

The Legend M48/Magach Stowage sets are pretty good fits for the kit.

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“The Legend M48/Magach Stowage sets are pretty good fits for the kit.”

I wouldn’t buy them when I can 3D print them at home. :smiley:

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Good looking build

do you loose a wheel?

Didn’t lose a wheel in a traditional sense. Used that one to make a silicone mold for making resin copies. Now that I have a 3D printer, that was not necessary but decided to use one resin copy on this build. :smiley:

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clever James…
I’m stating now to mould in resin…

Good job on the old girl. I still have a couple in the stash and enjoy building them as well. Making enough corrections to get a good model is a large part of it for me too.


Good point, Interested in seeing what you print.

Won’t be printing any new stowage sets for a while, however. Need to finish building the kit first.
Plus, got way too many other designs and prints going:

What are you going to do for tracks?

BTW, your PRC-77’s look really good!

Thank you. People need to buy more to be worth the effort however.
For tracks, either AFV Club indi tracks or use a spare set Dragon’s SD (self destructive) tracks if I feel lazy.

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Looks very good, looking forward to the next progress.

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Are you going to make modifications to the suspension?

I already have made changes to the suspension using Paul Budzik’s guidance:


Thanks! It looks great!

While taking a break from frustrations of 3D CADing, made some progress on the oldie.
Grab rails on the turret and turret basket all redone with Evergreen rods. Plastruct adesive worked its magic.

Slowly but surely, progress every month. :smiley: