Tamiya M48A3 in progress

It looks better :wink: The handle and the padlock ar nice additions too.


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Taking a break from 3D CAD and printing insanity. Put the finishing touches on the old project.
Finally ready for painting.
Eduard PE origami:

Based on these photos:
Search light straps2
Search light straps

added some more detail:

3D printed foundry mark. Too tired to sand or bend it:


She is turning into a beauty. :+1:

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I agree, looking good!

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Supposedly, there are two more straps on the bottom so I’ve added those:

Thanks all for your comments and likes.


Your M48 looks great. I have one on the build stash that i want to build exactly like this. I will be using the same work you’re using to build mine.

I will be using Mr. Dissolved Putty (a new (to me) product from Mr. Hobby) since I suck at using regular putty; hopefully, it’ll work.


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that dissolved putty really stinks so keep a window open.

i use perfect plastic putty which is water based and doesn’t smell and is easier to use imho