Tamiya M60A2

Built something like forty years ago, never painted until about sixteen / eighteen years ago, I recently made a simple base to set it in Germany during the winter period in a very frozen day, the kit is the old Tamiya straight from a box without any pretense, the tracks instead are AFV clubs, which represent practically the only after marcket set used for the model apart the mesh for the rear turret bascket, a PE from On the mark model.


That’s a testament to a good build Lucio…it’s certainly stood the test of time. It looks great after so long and the base is a nice touch… Nice to see :+1:

Thanks Johnny, and Merry Christmas to all of you

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Looking very nice, love the snow on top of it!

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… I honestly wanted to add the flashing light, in several photos it’s present above the left rear fender, but I have no idea where the electric cable should be put

In Germany, Our unit had battery operated lights, strapped them to an enmpty ammo box on the back deck, or to one of the rear fender supports,facing aft. Must have been a German road travel requirement

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Excellent job Lucio! Great paint job and weathering!

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Very interesting, have you a pics of this arrangement?

an interesting subject that is seldom seen, thanks for posting.

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Very nice work!

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No no pictures, I think if you can find 1976 -1978 era pictures, specifically from 1/37 armor, there is a chance it might show up.

ah ok, I’ll try, but the lamp was applied on the box or on the fender?

ah ok, found, there are several photos of the A2 but unfortunately none with that kind of flashing light arrangement

It will vary depending on the unit.Some may have had the rotating beacon type on a pole, we had a rectangular box, 4x maybe 8" by 4 ".it had a yellow and red half which would be battery illuminated, and had flashing capability.

ah understood, but those positioned on the fender that had the rotating flashing light on the pole were always battery-powered or is there an electrical connection in the engine compartment to connect to?

Electrical hookup varied by unit and even by individual vehicle. If the light was mounted on the rear fender, it was common to wire it in to the taillight. Since the vehicle lights were required to be on when driving on German roads, turning on the lights would also turn on the woopie light (that’s what we called the rotating beacon light).

Edit: Here are a couple pictures of M60A1s with the light on the back -

Here is an AVLB

Unfortunately, you cannot see where the wire connects to.

Great, thanks a lot Ken, so the wire run on the rear flank of the hull into the taillight, in this way, right?


If yes the pole in what way was fixed on the fender?

The pole could be clamped to the fender support, bolted to the stowage box, or bolted directly to the fender. There is also a lifting eye that comes off the side/rear of the engine compartment, it could be clamped to that.
Here is the location of the lifting eye:

If using the taillight, the wire goes just as you show in your photo, or you could run it into the engine compartment, but that is harder.

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Tankerken.THAT’S IT!!! The top image w/10 mph sign is EXACTLY what we had. Once we started mounting an empty ammo box on our back decks (152 gun was too short for a travel lock) we would mount the light on top of that!! (predating the 3rd brake light by about 7 years!) I modeled the box on this version of my A2.

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@TankCarl great job, love the rear ammo box.

Do you mean you made holes in the fender to bolt the taillaight or were you using the existing bolt holes to bolt the flashing light to?