Tamiya new armor kit!

I saw on Facebook that Tamiya is going to release a new armor kit. Is this correct?


The only thing I’ve seen is a Jagdpanzer IV L/70(A) but I don’t think it is a new tool. They released a new tool back in 2014 so I doubt they’d do another so soon.

The A34 is the newest one I have heard about.


I saw new the 1/48th M8 GMC post on Instagram. I assume this is the one you’re talking about?

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The one that their going to release is a bit different.

Alkett version. (A). The V on the other model is for Vomag.

Dragon did a few releases of this. The first was in their old Imperial series. They stuffed up one later release by failing to add the part that fits to the rear where the exhausts come out - ask me how I know! Fortunately there was a correct spare in another Dragon Panzer IV kit I had.

Look what border is doing!

Alkett variant, great :smiley:

Tristar did one similar to it, and now Hobby Boss is selling it again. Think the main gun is different, and possibly the front armor. It’s a good kit I might add.

And a reissue!


~ Six months without buying a new kit…but I’ll buy this new Tamiya…


According to Andy of Andy’s Hobby Headquarters, the new Tamiya Jagdpanzer IV Alkett is a new kit. Just a few of the parts are from the Vomag kit that they made. And those parts were all updated to 2023 as they have a second mold stamp on the sprue.
The Thoma shield looks amazing as does the link and length tracks.
Tamiya’s late war German grenadiers look amazing as well.

I have an angel, who looks surprisingly like my wife, on one shoulder telling me that I, “have more than enough kits waiting to be built.”

I have a devil on the other shoulder telling me, “it’s just one kit… go on… buy it.”

I’m also deaf in one ear.


Haven’t seen the late war grenadiers yet, but if they are anything like the mid-war ones they did, I’ll be after at least one set.

I built that Dragon kit,its very nice.

Hard to find at a reasonable price.

There’s a YouTube video with a guy who has the cover art but nothing else yet. I’ve not yet seen plastic.

I bought my Dragon version about eight years ago when pricing was still was within reason. I am afraid to look and see what they go for now based on your comment.