Tamiya P-38 f/g build

The chipping on the top of the wings came out ok. I had hoped to have a little better chipping on the front of the wings but that didn’t take so well, nor did the work around the panels where the machine guns are loaded, so I stopped. Starting with a gloss coat presently, then decals.

and I just realized I need to install the turbochargers…

Major markings on. The fundekals decals are awesome. Invisible carrier and a good combination of work time and grip.

I intend to do the most visible stencils only. I guess I didn’t realize ww2 era planes had so many stencils.

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OK, 3 steps left:

  • cleaning the masking residue off the canopy
  • putting some exhaust stains on the booms
  • adding the no step decals to the canopy.

May finish ce soir!

Uploading: p38soclose1.jpg…


That looks really nice, Phil! Rare seen a Lightning with yellow circles around the star. So it’s a North African?

I have changed my “production list” for this year and will also build a P-38 later this year, but the Academy kit. Got some awesome colourful decals for Pacific Lightnings recently.

Torsten :wave:


Yes! It is from Algeria, Nov 42 - Jan 43, 27th FS, 1st FG.

I’m ready to do another one. (But I’m also ready to do another MiG-21, and a few other things I haven’t done…)

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And it is done!

What a fabulous kit! I used Fundekals for both the stencils and the markings and they are excellent decals. Thanks again to @RDT1953 for recommending this kit highly. I got a lot of pleasure out of it, and he’s right that it really is a great kit.


Very nice job - glad you enjoyed it. I here their Phantom is every bit as good .

I’ve started it now for the naval air campaign, so I’ll let you know!