Tamiya R35

Out of the box except for some 3D casting symbols.
Typical Tamiya very simplified kit.


Which Mr. Surfacer did you use? 1000 or 1200?

Looking at the tracks, they remind me of when I built up the Tamiya Wespe (Italian Front) and the Kettenkraftard. the tracks went in flawlessly. I was amazed at how well they looked.

Nice looking job on the texture. :+1: :+1:

1500 is what I used.

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Hobby Boss’s tracks have better detail than tamiyas, but aren’t so simple.

Looks great!
Слава Україні!)

Thanks much

Look great Dan. :+1: I wish I had remembered to add the texture on mine.

What paint scheme you going with?

Nice work!
Just curious, but where do the casting marks go as I can’t seem to spot them in the photos?
Are they possibly by Archer or some other brand?

One of the only two choices given-a French vehicle. The two choices are very similar.

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They are quite small and I didn’t take a code up photo of them.
James made them for me- 3D prints and CADs Part 2 - by petition2God

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Ah I see, thanks.
Just the other day I happened to take a look at one of my Archer sheets with casting marks and was a bit surprised to see that marks for the Somua are included among the usual US style items.
Will have to check again if possibly any R35 details are on the sheet also.

No, I don’t think so. The Souma marking is from a photo of a French sherman that had the manufacturer plate on the front Slope.

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This is the scheme that I’m going with.
Hopefully the Tamiya colors are close.

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Yellow is on.
I plan on masking off the light to dark colors.