Tank Destroyers 2 Campaign Active

Hi all,

since the last tank destroyers campaign was a raging success I thought I’d ask if anyone was interested in doing another one?

OK, I’ve done a head count and it looks good.

Klaus Adler

starting 1st September 2021, ending 1st July 2022. All types of Tank Destroyers, particularly those used during WW2 and can be found on the game World of Tanks or more historically accurate sources of information


when you finish your build in the designated time, you will need to send me a PM with a completed build picture attached so I can keep track of the people who should receive medals.

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David. You sir, are an evil man… I would be interested but I’ve committed to quite a few group builds already and I like to finish what I commit to. A start date late in the year - maybe…

I would consider one also but maybe later, waiting on some aftermarket and currently in the middle of a T-54 interior kit that I see taking a awhile.

I have an Elefant and Nashorn waiting to be built though!

Hmmm. I could be tempted! Got a few TDs in the stash, but would like a long time to get it done. Any dates in mind yet?

I’m think march 2021-2022?

what do you guys and gals think?

I would like that a lot. Like Peter, I wouldn’t be able to get started until later this year. If it ends at the end of March 2022, that would be good. Please add my name to the list.

sounds fun – hope i can finish one campaign this year…

If it ends March I’m in. Would do my Elefant, Nashorn, or pick up an ISU-152 if that fits the Bill

I’m in with Das Werk’s Wanze from Battle for Berlin.

I’m in too. I have a Khryzentema in the stash just waiting for such a campaign.


Sounds good to me! I’m in.

Dummy Questions - What counts as a tank destroyer? Does open or closed top matter? Would a SU-85 or JagdPanther qualify?

If I can wrap the Forgotten Wars & Antique Antics builds by July 1, I might be in depending on what’s a TD.

A TD is a vehicle designed to hunt and knock out tanks as its primary purpose. (As opposed to a standard “gun tank” designed as an all-rounder to support infantry, bust bunkers, and occasionally fight other tanks.) Both the Jagdpanther and SU-85 are TDs, so should be acceptable builds.


I think I’ll join too, I won’t be able to start for a while though. I’m in the middle of 3 other builds.

I’ll build either the Tamiya Elefant, tamiya nashorn, or an ISU-152

How about an SU-76? I think it was originally thought to be a tank destroyer though I think about it more as a self-propelled infantry gun.

Sorry Phil, Wackypedia says the SU-76 was a SPG, more infantry support than anything else.

Oops I guess wiki also lists the ISU-152 as SPG. Guess I’ll do the Elefant!

Not a problem. There are others!

Thank you @varanusk Carlos.

One more TD question, would a Stug III G be considered a TD or SPG for this campaign?

I’m a little flexible as to what a tank destroyer is and generally if you can find it listed in World of Tanks in the tank destroyers category then I will let it in.