Tank Destroyers 2 Campaign Active

I am in! I am not sure with what kit yet, but I am on :slightly_smiling_face:

Guys i’m gonna roll this out for September as i know a lot of you have campaigns on the go right now so September 1st 2021 until say July 1st 2022.

if you are in let me know.

I plan to join with the Academy Lend Lease M10 kit I have on hand.

Late start - I’m In.

I’m glad you are organizing this. I plan to do something for it. I have a long list of candidates of course. I’m sure I’m not alone in that.

Since the SU-76 is out, would the SU-152 be in the same bucket with it?
What about a mutt with a TOW launcher?

I can of course do something more mainstream…

Count me in as well. Not sure with what kit, but will find something.

@phil2015 i’m cool with you doing a SU-76 or the SU-152 and while i personally would like the see the Mutt with a TOW launcher i think that is stretching it a bit.

when i get back from shopping an other stuff today, i will have a head count and see where we are at for numbers of people joining up.


well we have enough people interested, I just need to figure out how to work the revised campaign feature…possibly during this bank holiday weekend.


Count me in! I think I’ll end up doing some TD’s for the Canadian campaign, so I’ll make sure to post them here.

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sorry folks I couldn’t get on this weekend, real life made an annoying unexpected call…our guinea pig Dillon had an emergency trip to get and my dad decided to drop a bombshell, although he is waiting for test results to confirm his own diagnosis.

well they say back luck comes in threes, so I’m carefully peaking round every corner at the moment.

I will get this sorted out and up and running.


@Klaus-Adler , I hope everything works out well. I hope all of family including pet guinea pig will be well.

I keep struggling with picking out something to build so many interesting subjects in the stash.

Stug III G
JSU-152 “beast killer” zveroboy

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Jagdtiger and ISU-152 are two of my favourite TD, they just look like monsters

Participated in the first one, count me in for the second one. Still figuring out what to built though.

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@Armor_Buff thanks for the support Wade, Dillon tge guinea pig is still eating which good…if tge stop tgey get gut stasis snd then it’s pretty much game over. he has a urinary tract infection which is like peeing razor blades and you can hear him squeal but the new antibiotics and pain meds seem to be helping unlike the last lot he received.
my dad who celebrated his 76th birthday yesterday has similar issues but has weight loss coupled with a history of bowl cancer in the family as well. we’re just waiting on test results which have been hampered by a certain Chinese virus. hopefully it’s a false alarm on that front.

like you I have several options at my disposal regarding suitable kits:

ISU 122

I think the Hetzer might win this time.

kind regards


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Glad to see Dillon is not critical and is responding to the treatment.

I hope your Dad is okay and the tests are negative. My Father had Bowel Cancer 30 years ago. One of the lucky ones that beat the low survival odds back then. He even beat Prostrate Cancer as well later. My Uncle and Aunt both survived Bowel Cancer too in the last 10 years. With such a close family history on Dad’s side, I get screened every few years - due again in July.

Hate the prep and screening, but it is necessary. I lost a friend to Bowel Cancer 2 years ago. Poor woman beat Aplastic Anemia 20 years before, Leukaemia 10 years after that (full marrow transplant) but succumbed to the BC. Her body just couldn’t take anymore and by the time they found out about the BC it was too late


Had participated in a previous Group build with other people on the same topic, that is tank hunters. My build was in 1/72 scale, of a Chevrolet CMP truck as a 6pdr portee, serving in Jewish fighting brigade in Italy (My late father served as driver on such truck).
I’ll be happy to join with another 1/72 scale work, but will start later in the year.
If agreeable by the admin I’ll attach pictures of the previous build

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Oh what the hell I’m in. Haven’t picked out a kit yet. I’ve got everything from a Jagdpanzer IB to an ITV to choose from.

Finally picked out a kit.

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Think I’ll do the Nashorn for this one. Then I can avoid zimmerit.

Have three German jagdpanzers in my stash, so I am in.