Tank mounted MG-34s

According to a review I saw Tamiya’s 1/48 Stug III family (and, I presume Pzkw IVs) have MG-34s for the roof mounts that represent ones with the barrel shrouds for the ones mounted in the hull ball mount. Would they have used these for exterior mounts (units would have had them in inventory) or would the infantry style perforated shroud have been used? (In other words, should I bother with AM replacements?)

Best advice is probably to find photos and work from those.

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There were different variations on the Barrel Shroud of a Panzer mounted MG34 and the infantry carried MG34.

I suppose this is going to be just hearsay on my part, but I remember reading that if the vehicle had an MG-34 on an anti-aircraft mount, most often it meant that the crew had to dismount either their hull-mounted or co-axial MG-34, and those would have the armored barrel. To me, it would seem to make sense for Stugs to be issued with the “panzerlauf”, but like 18bravo said, if you can find photographic evidence of the vehicle or unit you’re trying to replicate, go with that.

This StuG III ausf G has its machine gun improperly mounted on top of the MG shield instead of in its slot increasing the field of fire.


Stugs didn’t have an MG ball mount or a coaxial MG, except for the later Ausf.G that squeezed one in. So they were free to use standard infantry MG34.


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Speaking of that - do a search for 1/35 Stug builds. I didn’t spend a whole lot of time on it, but the first five I found had very regularly applied Zimmerit. Compare that to the photo I posted above.

Accordong to the text below the bracket was there for exactly that purpose.

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The caption wasn’t mine…


Looks suspiciously like MG-42s to me.

I read the Japanese crews needed to move a hull or turret mounted mg for the AA mount.

AWESOME photos and great advice. I am VERY partial to photo-based facts. However, it’s your build. If you want to pain the thing bright pink and call it Wunder- blank" it’s yours to do what you will. Too that end, many years ago, I read how the 24th Panzer Division, in its roll up to Blau, added stowage boxes to the rear of their Pz.III’s and IV"s. So I have taken to put boxes ON ALL MY AFV’s… just one man’s opinion.

Knew there were different shrouds. Thats why I knew to ask.

Knew the Stugs didnt have a hull or coax mg , exept late production. (Stug IVs too?)Didn’t know if Stug Abts were issued the solid shrouded ones, same as Panzer units.

Yes, but again, the caption labels them as such.

Obviously, the MG34 was not exclusively use as a mounted gun.

Kursk, 1943

Unknown date - Looks like an MG34 with the panzer shroud and an AA ring.

That camo would never impress judges. :slight_smile:
Decals applied crookedly…
There may even be soot on that muzzle brake.


Yeah; the rivet counters would have an aneurism. :rofl:

The shot from Arnhem shows the remote “turret” set up. Hence the short shield.

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I think you have been fooled. That “Arnhem” photo appears to be 1/6 scale action figures and vehicles, not the real thing.