Are there any other tapes besides Tamiya? Tamiya tape isn’t sticky enough.

I usually use blue painter’s tape.

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What are you using it for? I have used the blue and green painter’s tape but found it left adhesive residue on the model, almost like a glittery sheen.

Do you lay the tape down on something first to remove some of the tackiness? I usually adhere it to the underside of my forearm and then pull it off to put on the model. It doesn’t stick as strong and should leave less residue. I also use 3M brand which might be better quality than a more generic brand.

Avoid the orange tape at Hobby Lobby at all costs–does NOT want to stay put.

The only answer I have is… “tape stash.” I’ve accumulated a collection of different brands for different jobs. There’s a lot out there — just need to experiment.

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This is what I do as well. I use generic painters tape, and I’ll stick on something clean and smooth like a kitchen counter top a couple times and peel off, it reduces the stickiness to the point it can still stick, but also doesn’t leave residue

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This is the answer /\ /\ /…

Tamiya tape (n multiple widths), blue painters tape (with a piece of glass and new X-acto blades to cut on), automotive pin-stripe tape (in multiple widths), even cutting the sticky edge off of Post-It notes. All have their places.


I use masking tape that you would use in the house when you are decorating.

I give up on masking tape and only use blue tack now. I haven’t found any reason to use masking tape where the blue tack doesn’t work. And it never goes bad and is reusable for years