Testors Italeri Marder III H Shelf of Doom Reprieve

One of my Children of Doom… this kit was started ages ago, then sidelined, probably for moving

damaged by a marauding cat who jumped onto the shelf of doom and sent many tumbling to the table below

pulled out and partially repaired, then sidelined again…. recently I resumed working on the replacement indy link tracks,

and today I finished one side! Woohoo!

I’ve got the other side partially assembled, so possibly I may get the other side don’t in a day or two…

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it…


That’s a great looking Marder Stik. You’ve brought it back to life it looks like.


I got mine finished before I decided to invest in an airbrush => horrible paintjob
I used the kit tracks (should have sold them to someone making a cat o’nine tails),
those stiff cargo straps from Italeri belong in the bin.

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Thanks guys

@metalhead85, Richard, I’m doing what I can to resurrect this build. I’m trying to whittle away the shelf of doom population here…

@Uncle-Heavy, Robin, yeah the kit tracks suck bigtime. That’s why I bought the Dragon indy link tracks… but man each link needs a few needle file swipes at the connector points to fit together properly… and I’m doing this one based off some photos of Marders in Italy, and those had brushed on brown & green camo, so I’ll do the camo colors by brush myself.


Good catch. This must be an ancient kit judging by the box. I’m guessing the crew aren’t Italeri - their proportions look far too good!

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@Hohenstaufen, yes the kit is quite old. I built the original Italierei (old spelling) issue back in the 70’s. The Testors-Italeri boxing came out in the 80’s. And no, those are not the kit crew figures. Dragon released a set of figures for their Marder III H kit maybe 12-15 years ago or so, and I bought them for my project then.

Left side track completed this morning.

The rest should go more quickly now.


As a kid, that model was on the want list. Never did get one. At some point I picked up a Tamiya Marder III M, which is pretty close. Kinda curious how they compare. Come to think of it, I also remember a Dragon Marder III H (or M or ???). Really need to conduct an inventory.

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I have the Tamiya III M in my stash. It’s a newer, nicer kit compared to this old girl. The Tamiya kit had better detail in the fighting compartment area, and better tracks, but I’m still not sure if I’d trust those due to past issues with Tamiya’s single length glueable tracks.
Dragon and TriStar also made III H kits. Hobbyboss has announced that they are going to issue their boxing of the TriStar molds. Again, these are both newer tool, more detailed and advanced kits of the subject.


Vinyl is the Devil. All vinyl parts get tossed or traded away.

TriStar produced some great models. I have a few in the stockpile, some issued by Tristar, some by HobbyBoss, and plan to purchase more. When the Marder III H comes around again, I will definitely pick one up. Not only will it have much more detail, it will include very good plastic tracks which saves a lot of money over other brands.

I am enjoying your Italeri Marder III H build. Even after the cat-astrophe it looks really nice. My own travels will soon include three old Italeri kits. Gotta get em done.


Always good to see a shelf queen get a new lease of life. Looking very good!


Looks good, keep going.

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@Armor_Buff, Wade, it sure does feel good to get a shelf queen heading to the finish line!

@RonH, thanks Ron! It’s getting there finally

Yesterday I started adding some stowage- spare tracks, onto the fenders and glacis plate. I also painted the floorboards in primer red, which was supposed to be a standard practice on German AFVs.

Today I got the hull camouflage colors on, based upon multiple photos of this vehicle that I’ve found online. The colors were applied with a brush and rather roughly on the real thing.

I have to paint up the OVM tools now and get them installed, paint up the muffler, spare tracks, and whatever else I can to fill the time while I wait for the fighting compartment drivetrain goodies to arrive…


Camo is looking good!

Like I said before, it looks good, keep going.

Today I resumed work on this one… added the interior bits, a couple of figures (driver & gunner), and got the upper superstructure glued into place

Next up is more painting… the finish line is now in sight!


Looking good!


Thanks CK. I am looking forward to getting this one finished. I know that I originally started this build at least 20 years ago… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Yesterday I painted the camouflage on the superstructure, and the bare steel portions on the breech and recoil slide of the gun

decals coming soon…


Yesterday I applied a gloss coat, and today was decals… all 8 of them including the name in double layers…

next up is sealing the decals in with more gloss then a pin wash where needed…


Nice save from the shelf of doom … really added some life to it … great work Carlos

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