Thank you Takom, I'll take one

A great use of a kit, and will definitely kit in my Christmas stocking.


Wish it was in 1/35, but I’ll probably get it anyway! Been hoping for a new panzerjager I

You have Dragon in 1/35

It’s a rebox if an oldie and hard to find

It’s very nice, I have it. You get extra crew and many leftovers. It is from 2017.

Where’d you find it? I didn’t mean to disparage it by saying it was old. That served more to say it was hard to come by. I habe 5 or 6 old dragon kits in my stash and they look great.

If I could find their panzerjager I I’d buy it!

Half a dozen listings on Ebay, both the original Cyberhobby kit and the re-release under Dragon.

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Okay, good use of the existing Panzer 1 B sprues and the gun from the stug III with a new new sprue or two to marry the two together. And it’s German. So sales.

However, a very quick and admittedly somewhat ill educated search of the interwebs doesn’t indicate that this ever existed? To be fair they do call it ‘Rare’.

It’s kinda cute though.

Looks like a candidate for a “Suicide Squad” vehicle! Where was there even room for any ammo storage? A couple of cases of 75 mm ammo on the engine deck? :upside_down_face:
:grinning: :canada:

I have often wondered this when contemplating the vehicle… No protection whatsoever and no ammo stowage. Won’t stop me from picking one up.

So is this a real vehicle or are Takom just Gaslighting Wehraboos?

download (15)
Google is your friend :wink:

Ah. Now you see, I tried that and got bupkiss.

Anyhoo, I guess it is a thing then.

It’s 1945 oddity from Berlin. Brandenburg gate in background.

Also good that the suspension can easily be modeled all crushed and sad like the picture.

Aparently it was a field conversion:

Difficult to see how the driver/commander could actually get inside.

Everyone complaining about lack of armor and space. I present to you the FlakPanzer IA. All the stupidity of the PanzerJager I without a useful gun


Looking at a larger picture, it is a FLAK turm. Still in Berlin, though :slight_smile:

OK, my bad.