That's not a big plane, *this* is a big plane

Group Build Title: That’s not a big plane, this is a big plane

Group Build Leader(s): @phil2015

Group Build Description: In the twin-engined bomber campaign thread, there was an interest in doing 4 engine planes. So, how about a big plane campaign? Not sure how to flesh it out, but looking for planes with 4 (or more) engines. I’m thinking it could be bombers, big transports, anything that really is a big plane. What do people think?

Completion Award: hopefully Peter likes big planes

I’m happy to run this, but I don’t plan to participate. If someone who is going to participate would like to run it, I’m happy to let him or her. I gave it 12 months for those really big planes…

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The joy of entering events…

Aha! Delete the front bit that says event, then enter the event and it works fine.

At the monster end of the scale; 1/72 B-36 (10), B-52 (8), XB-70 (6), B-47 (6), B-17, B-24, B-29, PB4Y-1 & -2, C-130, DC-6, Constellation, B-58, P2V-7, XB-49 (all 4s). At the less monster end, in 1/144 or thereabouts, B-52, C-97, C-54, C-121, Boeing 707, Boeing SST. Enough subjects, do I have enough space to build them? :wave:

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Im in, I got a 1/72 B-36…

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If we’re starting next year, I might be interested.
I’ve got a couple I’ve sat on for quite a while I need an incentive to actually start!

I’m planning on ordering the 1/72 Airfix Vickers Wellington for the twin engine bomber campaign.

Was really hoping to also get a 1/72 Airfix B-17 for this campaign but can’t find it in stock. In lieu I may pick up a 1/72 Lancaster or a an Avro Shackleton

Why? Why would you do this? WHY?!

Michael :sob: :stuck_out_tongue:

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I would love to do these but no where to display/store a 1/32 B-17 even a 1/48 would be a stretch

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I’ve seen people hang a tennis ball from the ceiling of their garage so they’ll know where to stop when pulling in. Perhaps you could hang one of these from your garage ceiling for a similar purpose? Think of the novelty of it!

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I have the ‘G’ plus the Hobbyboss B-24. I’m not ready for this one just yet. Maybe if it doesn’t start until after January…

Great idea! I can even paint my roof to look like an airstrip somewhere in the English country side

Ideally I rig up a mechanism so as I pull in the B-17 slowly lowers so it just touches down on my roof when i am in the correct spot of the garage

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Please add it to your build log…

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Quick look in the stash revealed a couple of Academy B-17’s and the new Airfix Fortress III.
Lancasters from Matchbox, Revell and the Airfix B.II.
A couple of Halifax’s.
Three B-24’s, 2 Minicraft and a Revell.
And Italeri’s XB-35.
Definitely need to pull my finger out and actually build one of these.

Somewhere I’ve also got Revells Iron Maiden 747. Might be a fun build and something very different!

Edit: Flight 666 still remains unaccounted, but I have just spotted a Shackleton, Valiant and 2 Victors I had completely forgotten about. How I forget kits in boxes that big I shall never know!

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I am in for this one. Plenty of kits in the stash with four engines!

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Im in. Plenty to choose from in the stash, and maybe a good opportunity to buy more stuff …