The Big 3 Universes - Star Wars-Star Trek - BSG

Thx Johnny…it makes me wonder though… Has this been built before, and will it be built again? Lol…many won’t get that joke I think.

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I was going to pick up the Mandalorian kit, but I want to go old-school, since Boba Fett was my favorite character growing up.

Plus, the whole “No Disintegrations” bit. That was a great line.

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Disney really ruined his image in my opinion with The Book of Boba Fett.


Yeah. I will never watch that series.

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Back on Enterprise E now. Going to handball the underside areas with the medium grey that need it … By brush …

You can see the areas in the instructions below the main body. Will then do the same grey or maybe a darker shade on the few areas on the nacelles that need it… Live long and prosper


there was a full scale version built for out door scenes, i have pictures of it as i knew one of the guys who worked on the show.

Klaus, what I have read said that there was one full size mock up used for the close in hanger scenes, probably used for the outside scenes also, as that would make sense.

a very little step, Leia & R2 ready for painting !


Dang gurl!


Yes please Princess :grin::grin:

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Have begun on the underside of the saucer.

I initially did most areas with AK camouflage grey… When you look at the instructions… There are 3 other tones of grey. The majority will be done with Tamiya XF 75 IJN Kure Arsenal…

I did start very carefully, but then realised that no matter how careful, there would be a lot of touch up needed with the camouflage grey at the end, so I went at it slightly carefully… But not really worried about the overlaps.
So it looks a bit untidy at the moment but once all Grey’s are done I will have it with the Cam Grey and rectify it all which is the easier option.

I have a perfectly sized brush that will do the cam grey areas and it all should :pray: tie in really well and look uniform…

The other Grey’s I will use are XF 54 dark sea grey…and the nacelles areas that need grey will have XF 24.

So bottom line, although the edges are bit untidy I am content knowing they will be sorted at the end … :+1::+1:


Looking really good.

Started some basic work on the Raptor…
The tail booms took some clamping…

Here are closeups of the seats I am switching out…

I am going to have to shave the bases off of the floor as they are a little taller…

I have also decided to replace the electronic warfare chair that looked like this…

With a A1 Skyraider pilot chair…

Like the pilot chairs it is not screen accurate…but the detail really looks good.


Finally some progress worth posting on my NAF-P*.

The 1/1000 Enterprise is a bit odd. Some bits are done brilliantly with a near perfect fit and others would be at home in a 70’s garage kit. Go figure.

I’ve been hopping around from one bit to another as the urge struck me so the progress is a bit disjointed.

I started with the warp nacelle thinking it would be the most difficult (I was wrong). Here’s a mash-up of two outer nacelle halves plus the detailed bit of one inner nacelle and a good sized tube of autobody glazing putty. Also a bit of progress on the front clear dome (Bussard Collector Intake Housing for the truly afflicted). The inner plug with the stripes still needs paint.

The deflector dish is one of the really bad bits in the kit and it’s not helped by the large sprue gates. It will need a lot of TLC. The kits dish antenna’s not bad but very fragile/bendy so I replaced it. The new antenna’s a bit of brass rod chucked in a motor-tool and shaped with a hobby blade. It’s only a centimetre long so the tool marks aren’t really visible.

The dorsal fin connecting the saucer to the engine nacelle is a 3D printed piece from Shapeways and had fairly heavy print lines. A bit of a disappointment after paying for the “extra fine detail” print. It does sand easily which was a big plus. The detail of the windows is very deep and the panel lines (if they’re even supposed to be there) are canyon-like. A couple more rounds of putty and sand should take care of it. The “rings” behind the deflector dish are also heavy and might be better replaced with some nested brass tubing. They’re not really all that visible when the dish is mounted so we’ll see.

The lower piece of the primary hull had some greeblies and unwanted panel lines that were removed and filled. I believe they are there for building the Pilot version of the Enterprise.

While researching the NAF-P* I ran across a very nice build of a Saladin class with a shuttle bay added to the saucer section and decided to add one. This was much more difficult than I’d imagined and almost ended in the saucer section making the short trip from my workbench to garbage can and me off to the Local Hobby Store to pick up a replacement kit. But after discovering the absolutely perfect balance between cursing and cutting it looks like it might work out.

That’s all for now. Happy modelling and…



*Not A Fry-Pan


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:



Some nice progress there Colin… It might of been fighting you … But you will beat it :grin::+1:

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The modelling gods were kind today and surprised me with a couple of hours of bench time so I took the opportunity to keep cleaning up the hanger bay and replace the main deflector dish mount.

A little more filler and the bay should be done. The kit supplied shuttle doors are just set in place to check the fit.

The dish mount on the 3D printed part.

and a home made replacement.

Here’s the dish mount drilled out with the replacement fitted.

and that’s enough of this high speed modelling. I have traditions to maintain and don’t want to develop any weird expectations in myself or others. :grin:



Nice job on the dish mount

Very impressive work with the dish mount and the shuttle bay … looks really nice

All the first grey shade is now on the saucer underside and main hull in all the areas needed.

2 more grey shades which are mainly on the hull, then I can do the upper saucer in the Tamiya Kure Arsenal grey again…