The CD Audio Thread

Here is her original YouTube video. Sound quality is not quite as good.

I vaguely remember Laos during my music reviewer days. I was confused by the name — Laos? But they’re German? Don’t remember if that came into the paper, but I don’t think so.

She has a good set of pipes! (Talking about her vocal abilities gents… geez. :grin:) That said, she is a couple of high notes short of Brad Delp. Man, he had pipes! I respect any cover band who plays the damn song without imposing their “interpretation” all over it, yet makes it their own. It’s a head scratcher when you see the song title, but wonder where the song went! Thanks again. I enjoyed listening to that.

My daughter introduced me to Broken Peach, a few months back. They are a cover band from Spain with a massive youtube channel of, well, covers. Hit and miss to my tastes (it is very “pop-y”), but I admire their efforts. Worth a peek. Their cover of Tainted Love seems to be their most popular.

@Armor_Buff Wade, you always impress and amaze me with your vast knowledge of so many subjects (you AND Robin, for that matter). Thank you for educating me (us) on an aspect of a part of the industry I know zero about. You and M70 have both answered a couple of questions I’ve had floating around my head for a long time. Cheers.


… I know how to use Google …
but my wife says I soak up knowledge like a sponge :grin:


Thank you, Evan.


…my wife says, I’m a PEZ dispenser of obscure information… :crazy_face:


Lately I had been listening a bit to a local band from my former hometown. They tried for a shot at the bigtime and cut an album for a niche label.

I was told by the recently late guitarist that the album cost about $45K to record of which there was a one-time only royalty payment of $2,000.

And it’s okay. Sound and the glam babydoll lipsticked look in particular are dated.

Of course, the joke was back then that these bands dressed like the fine upstanding young ladies they hoped to meet backstage. And there were a lot back then, trust me on this.

Anyway. Songs could have used a name producer — maybe edit some ideas down a bit, not repeat a chorus too much, include some tonal and key changes, arpeggiate some chords, have some counterpoint, etc.

In the live videos, in particular, there is just way too much cramming everything in at once: drummer is very good for instance, but everything is treated like a drum solo. Drumming sounds like a row of laundromat dryers spinning with a dozen sneakers in each.

And that’s why the input of someone else can be so valuable: tempering excess and polishing the best ideas.

I’ll digress again here. I recently learned that the above guitarist passed away from alcoholism related complications. That makes five now I’ve known. I remember him telling me years ago in mid-April, “I’ve gotten drunk every night since before Christmas.”

Me: “Geez, really?”



@Armor_Buff @M70 agree with some control. It should be constructive so that it opens the music. Make it a better song. A producer who needs to deconstruct every aspect of a song and make it completely theirs, needs to get their own band. This is my opinion as I don’t have pro-recording experience, all just assumptions. My garage band producer and engineer is my cousin :rofl:

Another thing, I can’t stand it when a guitarist tries to jam as many notes as possible in a solo. There needs to be a reason that flows.

Also, the greatest bands are a trio. They can have the fullest sound covering any dead spots, be it a couple of bass notes, drum fill, guitar lick. IMO trio musicians need to be more virtuoso. (I consider a band that has one bass, one drummer, one guitarist, and just a singer a trio; Black Sabbath, The Who, Van Halen, etc.)

Happy Mothers Day to the spouses and our mothers.


I think the best producer understands a musical vision and crafts that diamond in the rough into something greater.

I reviewed one album years ago — a shred guitarist’s solo effort. I liked him in a band setting in which the singer brought his own very strong personality in as a counterbalance.

But on his own, it was all just a bunch of everything including the kitchen sink pompous onanism. And I said so. Even got a eight-page hate letter sent to me at the newspaper for my take.

Which was interesting as it was my first overt example of noticing that some or many don’t even seem to read what one writes very closely.

The very angry response took me to task for many egregious offenses, including things I never wrote.

He also invited me to call him so I did. Wow! He wouldn’t stop screaming! :rofl:


Side note:

How CD technology works this book by Keb Pohlman is an outstanding read. Definitely 2nd edition etc.


ODME - LBR aka cutter


Nice! I will be buying that book. Thank you!

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Edit: Found it on eBay for $15.24. :sunglasses:


A few years ago, my wife told me the neighbor posted on the subdivision FB forum that she could hear my base [sic.] in her living room.

So, fire it up! :sunglasses:


I used to have a guitar amp like that, thinking of it is making my ears ring now lol…… :metal: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :metal:

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It’s the stereo in my bonus room.

I once had a guitar player walk into a venue I was mixing at with a Fender Twin. It was a 500 seat theatre. He got his panties in a knot when I didn’t put a mic in front of it. He was asked, diplomatically, to turn it down. Yep, went over as well as you imagine. “It’s my sound, dude.” The night did not go well.

Same venue, different date: Guitarist comes in with a 1x10, maybe 20watts, asks for a small table to put it on so he can hear it, and suggested the best placement for the mic. I almost fainted. Great band. Great show.

Cue the guitar player jokes. (Yes, I play guitar…)


This incident wasn’t at the Gasworks in 1989 was it lol… saw a band there that was louder than The Who, whom I saw the next night.

Everyone wants a Twin but where are ya gonna open it up! It’s like owning a Porsche 911 GT3 and the only road is a dirt one, not feasible.

My biggest amp now is a 30w tube which has a built in attenuator. I can knock it down to 15w and 8w by cutting 4 EL84’s down to 2. It’s an immaculate 2007 Genz-Benz Black Pearl, original Ruby tubes are still going strong.

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Here are a few of mine.

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That is one sweet little collection, you ain’t messin’ around! My ears are ringing looking at those beasts. I suppose the 412 cabs are loaded with Celestions? The Park, that must be pretty sweet? I have a soft spot for Marshall’s. I’m not familiar with Metaltronix.

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In the corner, you can barely see my ‘73 orange tolex Marshall.

Above it is a Loudness (Japanese HM band) poster I took off the wall at the venue in Sendai, Japan and had the band sign it.

Celestion Vintage 30s, yes.

Metaltronix was and is a brand of amp guru Lee Jackson.

Park is a 1981 Lead 100. As you know, Park was made by Marshall and sold only in northern England.

The Gasworks in Toronto? :joy: That goes back a few years. No it wasn’t at the Gasworks.

The two of you are breaking my heart. Nice amps. Really nice amps! I had to sell mine (an AC30 & a Mesa Boogie Mini Rectifiier into a Marshall JCM 900 2x12). Can’t handle loud any more. Had a wee bit of a mishap a few years back, banged up my head; prolonged loud anything becomes an issue - long story short. I’ve been using the Stymon Iridium and going direct. Not the same, but you do what you have to. It’s a pretty good sounding pedal I have to say. I may try out one of those Orange Tiny Terrors (the ones you can hold in your palm) into a 1x12 one day.

Yes it was the Gasworks in TO. I’m sure buddy was playing through a Twin. The chairs were vibrating.

I have a Tiny Terror. I liked it as I can play backing tracks through my iPad and headphones. Keeps the racket down. Mine developed an unwanted distortion issue, which is probably just the gain pot needing replacing (I got a guy).

I picked up a Blackstar HT-1R MKII about a month ago (had lots of L&M gift cards). Sound wise I prefer the Blackstar over the Orange. It’s bigger than the Orange but it has reverb which is ok (it’s no Empress Reverb). Playing bass through the Blackstar isn’t as neutral as the Orange. I have not tried either through a cab.

I’m going to try the Blackstar through a cab this week at band. It might encourage some bandmates to turn down a bit :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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