"The End Is Near"

Pigeon wanted to buy your car. That is why he put a deposit on it. We call pigeons “Sky Rats”… (Seagulls are “Trash Eagles”. Military designation is " GU-11" or “B1-RD”)




my head,
not my car,
it dribbled down over my sunglasses
and nose and ended up on my t-shirt.
Still want to get back at those pigeons …

Where I went to school there were a lot of pigeons. Somebody explained to a not-so-bright classmate that if he fed a pigeon a piece of bread covered in baking soda and red food dye they would explode. So next day he arrives with a tub of soda, a few slices of white and a bottle of red food dye. He proceeds, during lunch break, to run around, chasing every pigeon he could find with this concoction, offering it to them repeatedly and finding no takers. Eventually a teacher or principal notices this and he gets carted off somewhere. Mission failed.

But perhaps you’ll have more luck Robin :smile:!

There was a Don Martin cartoon in Mad magazine where a man sits on a park bench and throws popcorn to a bunch of pigeons. some people find the popcorn and eat it themselves, commenting on how wonderful it tastes. They ask him what he put into the popcorn that made it taste so good, and he says that it was poison. As the people and the pigeons die, the man says, “I hate pigeons.”


Pigeons are a pain to be sure. Around here it’s the Canada Goose that everyone loves to hate. They sh%t everywhere and they are mean, ill tempered SOBs. Someone once called them militarized chickens.
Not kidding, they are evil.


That’s seriously twisted. :joy:

Some misinformed nitwit imported some to Skansen in Stockholm (a collection of old Swedish houses and a small collection of animals, sort of an open air museum).
They escaped and multiplied and now they are a pest all over Sweden.
The problem is that they can be hard to tell apart from a Barnacle goose,
a protected species of goose in the EU.

Close up it’s easy but maybe not quite so certain when looking along a rifle.
Swedish hunters shoot between 20000 and 30000 each year.

Pity that cluster bombs are banned …
There are recipes for them but they are complicated to cook and get tasty.

Nitwit indeed! Holy %^&* , I am speechless.

Wild Boars are our latest invasive species - although haven’t made it to my neck of the woods yet. Started south of the border (possibly south of the south border i.e. Mexico) I believe. As I understand it, some regions have a shoot on sight directive. The good news is they may be butt ugly, but they are tasty.