The futures here - Gauss rifle

ArcFlash Labs GR-1 Anvil Portable Gauss Rifle


Reliable, lightweight, easily repaired in the field and I’m sure quiet affordable. :rofl:

$3690 US and it won’t feed with less than a half empty mag…

Still pretty cool tech though.

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They’ve probably already upscaled it – Abrams M1A4s armed with 120mm Gauss canon………phhhhut!..phhhut!..phhhut! Maybe they’d get more phut for their buck :tumbler_glass:

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Here’s a follow up.

Imagine being able to disarm an entire enemy force with an EMP device?

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that is the ugliest gun i ever seen. i wouldn’t want it.

If you watched the first video you’d know this is the ‘Alpha’ proof of concept model, next stage is the ‘Beta’ which should look more like a final design.
The fact this gun also emits EMP when it’s fired as stated in both videos.

The EMP emitted must be negligible. I mentioned EMP in regards to a device with an intentionally disruptive magnitude which would disable all electronics within its effective radius.