The Great Canadian Campaign!

Thanks for the comments, the base paint colour is AK’s S.C.C.2 Brown

I love it! Thats one of the best M3’s Ive seen built.

Thanks for the complement. The Lee is a little different from what you normally see and the Takom kit makes a great starting point.

Project Maple Leopard continues


Work continues on the Churchill hull interior


Wow. that is a nice looking build and that barrel is cool

@Canmedic I think the drooping is a real issue. One that’ll haunt you. I also feel that more often then not larger resin castings are no addition to a kit, whereas the original barrel can be made to look more acceptable.
The rest looks superb, though.

I have not done a thing these past few weeks. I am waiting for cooler weather. Slippery, sweaty fingers and a drowsy mind do not make for good builds.

Ohhh I didnt see the droop. Hols the barrel in hot water ( do not use boiling) . Resin has a memory and will return to its natural shape when cool

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Hi Canmedic, if it was me I’d find some brass tube of the right diameter to replace the “naked” resin barrel, and add all the resin details onto it as an armature. (I’ve also straightened warped 2-part plastic barrels by hollowing them out to take brass rod as a core, with the plastic clamped around it. Throws out the balance, but if the gun elevation is fixed by a dust-cover then it doesn’t matter how nose-heavy it is!)

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Well that worked surprisingly well Chris thank you.

I don’t have a before photo, but I can see the difference.

Also, as a bonus for you…

A human! I needed a break from brass origami so I’ve decided to work on my crew for a bit. I grabbed the “NATO Tank Crew” set from Verlinden

I think in this case NATO translates to “vaguely non Warsaw Pact looking” but they’re the closest thing I can find to sub in for Canadians and I’m going with a winter theme so at least they’re dressed for the weather.

I know there’s lots of work to go on that commander’s torso. Still some big gaps in the arms, but I wanted some colour on to see how it looked.

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Lots of excellent builds here so far. Well done guys. I’m sorely tempted to purchase a Hobby Boss Canadian Leopard C1A1 just so I can hop in the GB - I’ve never built a Canadian vehicle before and I really love the look of the MEXAS equipped leopards.

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Do it! There’s always room for one more!

Agreed do it the Mexas is beautiful

Alright lads, count me in :slight_smile:


Thinking about getting in with an ADATS, what do you think?


Yes! Please, the ADATS is a awesome vehicle, I would love to see it built. What would be your base vehicle?
M113, M2 Bradley or LAV-3?


This here is the source for all your reference and aftermarket needs for that cat. The C1 Juggernaut CD is just dripping with amazing reference photos.

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I’m going to use an M-113 as a base

My Leo has a crew!

I’ll probably fuss about with the contrast a little more. The lighting at my bench isn’t doing them any favours right now.

These were fantastic figures to work with. Great casting, very little clean up and just a little putty to get the commander’s arms sorted.