The Great Ones

I think the Dodge might be favorite, due to scratchbuild- and diorama potential.

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I’ll get on mine after I wrap up a few projects…

And we’re off to a flying start!!

Well… not really. Have to wrap up some other things first.
But first images:

I had hoped to use the figures included, especially the boy…

The decals are equally “usable”.

And I kid you not… whackadoodle puss wants his box…


Campaign active.

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They all do. Either inside or on top of the model box.

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Game on. 6:13 AM Pacific time.

A wreaked panther will be the focus of the scratch building portion and some GI’s looking at the hull will be the figures.
Problems include Tamiya’s Panther being out of scale and not enough road wheels. I can fix the road wheel issue but the out of scale issue I am going to let slide.


Looks good, Greg. Is that the old venerable Tamiya Panther from the 1970ties? With burned out roadwheels as add on?

Looking forward to see more :slight_smile:

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Yes, it is the first Panther A they produced. The Dremel will help on the road wheels.


That’s the best part - using as much of the original as possible.
Someone else is doing a conversion right now using an old Monogram kit, but using a very modern kit for most of the parts, which is fine. Mine utilizes as much of the old Monogram kit as possible. I’d like to think that you could say, "This would have been possible back then using what was available, along with some scratchbuilding.

In fact, on another thread I started some serious reworking of the Monogram Cletrac that came in the B-24 and some other missile kit of theirs. I’m actually surprised Shep Paine didn’t do one up right. Maybe he did, but if so I never saw a build up in one of those old inserts.
I’m adding the 1/48 motor from the Atlantis Fuel Tanker, which was based on a 1950’s kit, so even that conversion would have been possible back in the day.


1970 vintage Tamiya Tiger 1 (35056) here, probably a ~1980’s boxing of the kit plus Armor Research Company PE, On-The-Mark PE, Cal-Scale MG34’s & Model Kasten tracks from the late 1980’s to 1990.

Maybe a Fehrmann training group Tiger I or a North Africa Tiger 1

No idea on figures.



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Before I can move forward on the build, I need to sag the tank due to the heat effecting the torsion bars.I can try cutting off all the molded on roadwheel arms and repositioning them (Thinking about you Wade) or just drill out holes in the hull at the height I want the road wheels and run some styrene tube through it as a road wheel arm. The road wheel arms can not be seen once the wheels are in place. So… in an act of brevity…we are drilling and will trim back the road wheel arms later.


I am a little unclear on the conditions of this campaign, so I want to make sure I understand them before I pick my build.

The model/diorama needs to be pre-1990 (or 1995). Does it need to include a vehicle? I’ve been hoping to pick one of my 120mm Verlinden figures and simply do a vignette. I forgot to ask about this until my inbox started filling up with messages on the campaign.



Hi Travis

Ron has the call on this, but for my two cents:

The rules say ‘any subject’ so I expect that a figure is fine. Francois Verlinden was known to paint larger scale figures and busts as well as having them produced by his business.

The ‘age of the model’ is based on the base kit you choose. In your case, the original moulds used to create your figure should have been produced prior to 1990. As a guide, here is a link to the 1989 catalogue that shows all the 120mm figures that were released at that time.

(Note: the kit numbers on the boxes in this catalogue are 4 digits, but a figure kit with a number ‘488’ is not necessarily pre-1990 just because it is before a 1000 series number shown in the catalogue.)

Post up what you want to do and Ron will give you an answer.

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I was having a similar thoughts regarding a couple of old Poste Militaire figures. A single figure…I might ** even finish something.

Exhibit 1 for the defence?



Sounds great to me. As a pretty poor figure painter myself, I live vicariously through watching others with way more skill than me…


@Apache26 @Colder Travis, Colin; Figures are most welcome! But I would gladly see that you make them “yours”, not just do them as-is. Some changes to make them more lively and less OOTB.

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My current plan is to build the Atlantis HUP-2 which is rerelease of the Helicopters for Industry 1952 boxing. Yes most know her as the Aurora boxing.

I saw a build at Nats this year with interior and build photos I burrowed to help give me that feel for this campaign.


I changed my mind…
Looking at the Dodge & M1… I just didn’t “feel it”, no matter how much I twisted and turned the sprues.
But I found a suitable subject that I do “feel”;
Italeri’s M24 Chaffee (1986) with On the mark’s PE-set (1987) and Accurate Armour’s T21 resin trakpax. No idea how old, but it has a faxnumber instead of email and website.

And before I dig in, I’ll take some council first.


Good idea, I have the bottom two books by Paine on my shelf.