The Great Ones

Group Build Title: The Great Ones

Group Build Leader(s): @RonW @petbat @stikpusher

Group Build Description: A tribute campaign to honour 3 of the Great Ones in our hobby; Sheperd Paine, Francois verlinden and Bob Letterman.
The entries should reflect their way of working and the way they inspired you.
That means the original kit and add-ons must pre-date 1990, some scratchbuilding should be involved and at least 1 modified figure is desirable.
Any scale or subject is allowed!

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Ron, maybe make these suggestions but not voluntary"
“some scratchbuilding should be involved and at least 1 modified figure is to be included.” Some guys may baulk at that.

Also, I suggest you should add the ‘Going’ options too. You do that by editing the post and clicking on the ‘cog’ icon, then selecting ‘Create event’. fill in the dates, etc


Event created, with the Going etc buttons!

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Yes please. I understand setting parameters, but this one is, at least for me, rather limiting.

I’m also curious about the before 1990. Why that date, as apposed to, say, the mid 90’s? Again, just curious.

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Hi Evan. I think it was a date “as good as any!” decision.

That is one of the reasons I added you. Help is required and I think doing this together makes it more fun.
I had created an event, but for some reason only the dates showed up?
Luckily Tom stepped in and help out here as well! Thanks Tom!

These are, as Peter stated, just parameters, which are not yet set in stone.
Sure we can expand till say 1995 and change the “should have a figure” to “preferably have a figure”.
Still open to debate. Which is also why I created a team, so that the campaign becomes as enjoyable and succesfull as possible.

Thanks Gents, for answering my questions, and for getting this started. I’m looking very forward to this build. Although I have a few ideas already floating around, there is a wealth of possibilities available in this campaign. The hard part will be deciding what to do.

@petbat Regarding the date… “as good as any” works for me :slightly_smiling_face:.That said, aside from curiosity, one of the ideas I have is for a mini boxed diorama based on a single Post Militaire figure that I’ve had for ages. I believe it was produced in the early 90’s - later than the proposed “before” date. I was hoping it would be “legal”.

I think the date idea was to use kits that took additional work to make them acceptable. The great modelers were working in the time frame of Monograms Panzer 4. If you move the timeline up to Dragons kits, there is little to do in comparison.

A modified figure could be as simple as using different arms.

I can be a little slow to catch on sometimes :crazy_face:.

Of course, makes perfect sense, now that I’m full awake.

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If this takes off, I’ll be doing Airfix’ Dodge personel carrier w/ M1 gun, which is by Zvezda 1996 vintage… however the sprues are exactly the same as Italeri’s 1981 323 gun M-1. So I am guessing a reissue and reboxing.

Zvezda M1

italeri 323 gun M-1
Italeri M1
Incidentally, the latter was one of my first kits ever!

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The Dodge is the old Max Plastic Model Kit that I have very fond memories of. One of the first Military truck kits I did a decent job on.

The Zvezda kit is supposed to be its own mould, but may be a copy of the Italeri one. It dates from 1996, so it is safe either way:

Yup - tooling changes hands every so often, but it’s still the same metal cut back in the age of the dinosaurs! I have some kits where I have the same plastic in boxes labelled Max, Italeri, Zvezda…


Count me in, perfect time frame for the campaign late 2023 to late 2024, really helps. I like the predates “1990”, as it puts me on 1/32 Monogram Pz IV.


Ten New Tamiya Releases For Summer 2023 - per SpruesNBrews

If accurate info, the Tamiya 1/35 Jumbo Sherman and M3 US half tracks will be available again just in time for the campaign. Check out video for other cool time period relevant selections.


HA! What are the chances? Serendipity at it’s best.


The Zvezda 57mm AT gun is also an old Peerless/Max kit. I built the Testors/Italeri boxing of that kit about 30 years ago. It was originally released in 1975 with the Bedford truck.


Then I have to get all 3 of them. Just for old times sake. And fun of course!


I am in. I am going to also enter this in the Summer Nostalgia campaign as it will force me to hurry up and get done.


ehmm… these campaigns do not run simultaniously? Unless you’ll be doing 2 of them?