The Last 24 hours

Just got home from being in the hospital for the last 24 hrs after a visit to my primary care physician yesterday. Never made it home as I was taken by ambulance to the hospital for a Cat Scan and MRI as I was suffering from a constant headache and dizziness as well as inconsistent respiratory levels as my heart skips 7000 beats every 24 hrs and they haven’t been able to get it under control for the last several years.

Anyway, the MRI came back clear, but the Cat Scan showed that the main artery to my brain is 70% clogged, so I’ll be needing an Angiogram and hopefully just one Angioplasty.

The good news is that i finished the Lotus Type 79 right before my Doctor’s visit, but I haven’t taken any pics as yet.


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Time to give up the alfredo sauce, bud.

Wish it was that simple. I’ve already had a major heart attack and just barely survived. Dealt with clogged Arteries by the heart, not in my head, which is really pretty scary.


Dang that ain’t no joke. Hope it all goes well.

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For what it’s worth, you have the moral support from all of us


Oh boy - that sucks . Don’t check out yet - too many builds are waiting !

Hope all goes well. I have clogged arteries in my neck and heart. Too small for angioplasty. The brain is scary. I’ve had 2 strokes and the occasional “event” (where I feel funny and my balance gets affected but not serious enough for an ambulance ride). Good luck.

Darn, sorry to hear that man. Best wishes for you!

Best wishes man. I’m all too familiar with that bus ride surprise. :ambulance:

Damn that sucks big time… But ditto to what Robin said Joel, wishing you well :+1:

Best wishes from the other side of the globe my friend, it’s not your time just yet so make sure you get the next kit out of the stash and on the bench !

Cheers, D

Wishing you a speedy recovery Joel! Fortunately modelling is very therapeutic!


I really want to thank everyone for your concerns and support. This really took me by total surprise as I was just thinking that it was another trip to my Dr. and then home. Hopefully, they can treat the blockage with drugs, but it is what it is, and I’ll have to deal with it.

The other issue is that my wife is having hip replacement surgery Nov 18 as she’s basically is confined to the den sofa or a wheel chair when she goes to the doctor. It would just kill me to have her cancel it if I can’t take care of her.


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Best of luck to both of you, hope everything goes well for you and for her.

Thoughts & prayers to you both Joel, been in similar situation. Wifey was diagnosed with GCA (Giant Cell Arteritis) in which the two temporal arteries swell up/cut off blood supply to eyes/instant blindness. Hopefully that’s not you (?), her treatment was steroids which are magic & poison all in the one pill. Turned out 18 months later she didn’t have GCA but boy the steroids f……d with her generally. Get a 2nd opinion before taking steroids, all of you reading! :no_entry: :tumbler_glass:

A friend of mine retired because he wasn’t as sharp as he use to be and he felt he wasn’t doing his job that well. He had a heart attack and in the treatment they started unclogging his arteries. He has since told me that he is doing so much better that he feels bad about retiring, His memory is as good now as it was twenty years ago. He said he would have never retired if he had known. I am hoping that you will feel noticeably better once the blockage is reduced.

Thanks guys for your continued support. I full intention of being around here for quite some time as I’ve got a stash to build, dozens of AM decal sheets to use, and still continue to lets just say order new kits on the QT.



Attaboy Joel !

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Lousy diagnosis, but at least they found it. Hope everything works out ok.


Me too!!!