The Mustang: NA-73X to the Enforcer

Group Build Title: The Mustang: NA-73X to the Enforcer

Group Build Leader(s): @Spitfire

Group Build Description: Many consider the P-51 Mustang to be the finest all-around fighter of the Second World War. Other designs could exceed its performance in single areas—turn radius, top-end speed, dive performance, resilience to battle damage—but none matched its entire performance package. Originally designed for the British military as an export fighter, the P-51 went on to become the premier fighter of the USAAF.

This Campaign honors this fighter in all its variants, so all scales, users, and variants are welcome. Yes, that includes the post-war Cavalier Mustangs and the turboprop Piper Enforcer. Even modified air racers are welcome. It would be great to see more A-model and prototype builds to balance out the number of D-model builds we’re sure to see!

Event Details: Remember to click “Going” if you want to join the build!

Completion Award: TBD

A Note about Awards: To receive an award for successfully finishing this campaign, you will need to provide your forum username to me by the end of the build. I will then give this list to the site admins to post the badges on your account. If you don’t provide your username or finish the project on the timetable the leader has setup you will not be able to receive an award.

NA-73X - the Mustang prototype

Modern recreation of one of the two XP-51s.


A-36 Apache

P-51B/C & P-51D

Three P-51Ds

Modified Mustang racers and air racing world champions “Strega” and “Voodoo”

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A start date of Jan 1, 2024 seemed to fit best with all the other active and pending campaigns. I’m open to changing the dates if another timeframe works better.

Well, I’ve got 4 winged Mustangs, 3 wheeled ones and a twin Mustang. Might tackle Model News NA-73 if I’m feeling really brave. And squeeze it in with all the other projects I’m not getting done. :wave:

Welcome aboard! Just looked up that kit…looks fun. I wasn’t aware of it.

Thinking of doing NA-73X myself. Lots of scratchbuilding and conversion work necessary though. Might post about it later.

I like this plane so I may make time in my schedule but not sure. I overcommit so easily…

In the meantime, is there clearly a best kit of a P-51D in 1/72? Is there clearly a best kit of a P-51D in 1/48?

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I know the feeling. Hopefully with a year you should be good.

Can’t speak to 1/72 but I’d say Eduard for the 1/48 D-model. The Profipak kits come with all the PE but the cockpit is so good in plastic, and you remove so much detail to place the PE, that I honestly think the Weekend kits would be just fine.

Tamiya’s kit is tried-and-true as well but the Eduard has it outclassed in detail and options….and complexity.

Assuming life does not become too crazy, when the time comes, I will purchase and join with a 1/32 Revell P-51D. Since it will be a present, I also need to find a really enthusiastic naked girl to stick on the side so as to cause maximum embarrassment for the recipient.

If time allows, I may even build a second Mustang for myself.

These are the very best P-51Ds in 1/33 scale and have waited a stupidly long time on the shelf.

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