The Mustang: NA-73X to the Enforcer

Two days from going wheels-up on this campaign!

What’s everyone planning to build? I’m torn between the prototype or an A-model with engine exposed.

Or maybe this one:

I have Italeri’s P-51A that I’d like to do.


Campaign active.


Thanks @SSGToms

Gary that looks like a fun one.

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Nice! I’ve got that one myself so it’ll be interesting to see what you make of it.

I dropped on my LHS on the way home from work tonight (well I walk right past it on my way) and nipped in for a couple of paints. On a whim I also picked up Airfix’s 1/72 F-51, thought the South Korean markings looked interesting. I’m hoping to add a few Korean War aircraft to my builds this year and it seems like an excellent kit to start it off.

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Got some shots this afternoon.

The Kentucky ANG aircraft on the boxart looks great and I’ll definitely do another in this scheme.

But I’m going to go with the South Korean version. The markings and yellow napalm tanks will definitely make for a colourful aircraft.


That South Korean scheme will look great.

Living in Kentucky, that kit has been on my short list for awhile. Maybe I’ll grab one for this campaign.

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I think it’s definitely a must of your home state. It’s a pretty good kit too. Hope you can find one.

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Leaning towards doing Civilized Models’ 1/72 scale “Voodoo” racer in the world speed record attempt colors.

Never done a resin kit before.


These panel lines are so poorly molded I think I’ll just fill them in. The plane was pretty smoothed out for the speed record attempt anyway.


Crikey! That’s rough. Were they scribing the master free hand?

Hope you can make something out of it.

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My first resin kit so we’ll see. The lines are invisible on the real thing.

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Resin can be a real lottery. Sometimes you get good castings and other times you get junk. I’ve had some hideous castings in the past. Some of the worst were SF kits, really crudely made masters and badly cast. Worst was a Star Trek ship that was actually oozing an oily substance. Went straight in the bin. Luckily PayPal got me my money back. But, I’ve also had some really nice stuff too especially figures. Learned the hard way that research is the key.

Anyway, I think filling those lines is a good idea. I had a look at some photos of it online and it does look like every panel joint (except for engine and other maintenance panels) was filled and smoothed over. And even those are barely noticeable.


I’m assuming I can use regular Tamiya putty?

I’m not sure to be honest, I’ve never used Tamiya. Never been able to find any In the UK. Humbrol is the most common tube type here, but it never stuck very well to resin. In the past I’ve used milliput, but any epoxy putty would work. Thick cyano will also do the trick.

You could try it maybe on an off cut casting plug and see if it sticks.

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Yeah after reading for a bit, seems CA and epoxy putty are the most common.

These kits fetch about $100 on eBay (2x what I paid years ago). Part of me is considering selling it. :joy:

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Well…work and personal life is too busy for any bench time these last two weeks.

But I did decide to keep the kit. Ordered some milliput to fill those awful “panel lines.”

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Anyone else start on their Mustang projects yet?

This one will be a challenge. Washed the parts and laid them out. Turns out the kit is missing the entire prop assembly (spinner + blades) and the radiator exhaust. Shouldn’t be too much of an issue because I have an Airfix 1/72 Mustang I can grab the prop from. But the radiator door is highly modified from the wartime plane, so that might be a challenge.

Wish I’d noticed this before the company went OOB.

Quality of the parts is highly variable. Seat and wheels look great…

…but the fuselage is full of bubbles.

And I’ve already shown the horrible panel lines.

Overall it’ll be a challenge and a great opportunity to learn some new skills. This is my first full resin kit and really my first time working with resin other than a single ejection seat last year.


Could be worse. The bubbles are relatively easy to fill. The important thing - in my experience - is if the fuselage/wings are warped. That is difficult to fix.

Seems like a good fit between the fuselage and wings.

Looking forward to see more. :slight_smile:

Yep, fortunately everything looks nice and straight.