The pitfalls of private military vehicle ownership


Not sure that boot would actually stop the tank from moving. It could probably just roll over it and drag it along, or destroy it in the process.

Talk about your gutsey traffic warden! But the owner has bigger problems once the Highways Agency gets him for all the damage those steel-cleat tracks do to the roads on his daily commute…

Ah comrade you have merely turned my tank into a pillbox!

In reality though I agree with @HeavyArty, I think once the tank rolled it would crush the boot

Don’t we all just dream of popping out to the shops in something like that - or is it just me?

I’ll huff, and I’ll puff, then I’ll rock back and forth, and I’ll get that gnat offa my track! Then I’ll blow the crap outa’ that yellow piece of… :rage:

I bet the guy trying to get in or out of his garage is pissed off.

Photoshop ?? C’mon now - who the hell has a boot to fit a tank ? I guess I am now Betty Buzzkill…

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Assuming one had a boot that would fit a T-34…

What would fail first, the boot when the tank first rolls forward (assuming it has enough traction to get up and over) or would it just throw a track?

I think my money is on throwing a track.

It looked like a Loading Zone. Safer to stay out of town…

(Salisbury Plain, UK) :tumbler_glass:


no such thing as ‘photoshop’. That’s just crazy talk, stop it :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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Nothing here that a good grinder and 10 minutes couldn’t solve…

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OK I downloaded the image. Zoomed way in. A few things don’t line up as they should. So first I think it’s been edited. Second I can’t see a single person lifting that wheel clamp. Look at the size of it.

April 1st?


It’s someone’s “just for fun” photoshop. The shadow on the front upper surface of the boot starts in the middle of the track and there’s a big highlight on the upper right rear of the hub cup. The street the photo was taken on is all in diffuse indirect light (highly technical term: shade) with the building in the upper right corner well lit through an overcast sky (no blue in the sky). Sunlight’s coming from the upper left if that building and the shadow down the front glacis are any kind of indicator. The shadow on the boot doesn’t match. So, just a fun photo to make people smile.

OR, it’s a real photo that’s been carefully manipulated to look like a fake :thinking: :grin:.

Might make a fun vignette:

“But it’s a war zone!” exclaims confused zipperhead to worlds’ most dedicated “meter maid”.



Well, there are two advantages to owning a tank, as pointed out by Kenny Everett.

Yes, it’s an M-10, but it’s all about the delivery of the gag.


Blokada na kola on a T34 !! I had the same on my car in Warsaw.
Had to pay 100€ for removing ( beacause I’m a foreigner, it’s 40€ for Polish people… )


Home town/country discount.