Things My Students do.... (industrial Model making)

When I’m not designing for Miniature Scenery, or wrestling 3D printed turtles, I teach Product Design Model Making at a University. One of the tasks for second semester students is to Create a scale model of something that is usually small, bigger. They can use any material or technique to produce the best possible result. They can choose any pre-approved subject. Food items are popular.

Outcomes vary widely between students, and some are obviously more capable than others, and levels of complexity also vary accordingly. So here, for your viewing interest and in no particular order are some pictures of a number of submissions. Enjoy.

…feel free to ask questions…


That Mega-Donut makes my mouth water,
it would make my scales cry though …

What’s the idea behind the ladle (??) and the satchel next to the Mega-Donut?

Great job by those students. Now I am hungry for a donut, Oreos and I wish I could still have a Kit Kat.
One could use the sprue cutters to trim trees.

“Mmmm donuts…” - H. Simpson


It’s an oriental food item called a ‘money bag’. steamed vegetables and pork wrapped in pastry and tied with what I think may be lemon grass? The Model is approx 4:1. Ladel is blue foam covered in resin, the money bag is a translucent resin cast around a painted interior.

Donut is Blue foam (painted) with poured resin icing and delicious 3D printer filament sprinkles.


Sounds like a tasty dish :smiley:

Give my compliments to your students

I don’t think even I could lose those cutters. You’ve got a very talented crop of students there.

Also, what’s this about turtle wrestling?

One of his side projects.

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These are great! Your students are very skilled. This all reminds me of The Dickies album cover:

It is a take on the Chinese soup spoon:

Often food is served in the spoon

Some very talented, and out of the box thinkers there Craig. But then, they must have a good lecturer…

Dang! I’ve eaten with one of those spoons at some restaurant and still didn’t recognise it.

Shame on me …

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