Thinning Vallejo Model Colour for Airbrush

I’ve got a few of these colours now but am finding it very frustrating to airbrush with them.

They are really thick and probably designed for brush work, but it says on the bottle that it can be thinned for airbrushing.

I can’t seem to get the thinning right, i’m still getting splattering even if I thin it to the consistency of milk.

I’m using Tamiya Acrylic thinner X-20A to think the paint (it is an acrylic paint after all) - and an Iwata Eclipse HP-CS running at about 17psi.

Anyone got any advice for stopping the spattering?

I use Vallejo’s thinner. It’s my understanding that not all acrylics are created the same.

I then mix about 70:30 thinner to paint. Your air pressure sounds right.

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I don’t think it’s a good idea to use X-20A, Tamiya are closer to a lacquer than to acrylic, despite being labelled as such.

I have used Vallejo Airbrush thinner:

And water should work, despite not as good.

In any case, a primer helps. And do not spray too much paint, pull the trigger slowly and paint using several light layers until it is covered -if you try to cover at once, it will hardly work.

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Thanks for the advice guys, have purchased some Vallejo Airrbrush Thinner, lets hope it improves my airbrushing.

Yes, you need to use a water based acrylic thinner like their own brand. Windsor and Newton acrylic flow improver works really well with it too.
Tamiya and Gunze thinner won’t play ball with Vallejo, Revell or any other type of acrylic.


Vallejo has their own flow improver and I have found that helps as well.


Very successful with 10-2-2 mix

Paint-Vallejo Thinner-Vallejo Flo Improver

No problems for me with .35 Iwata tip


Thanks for the reminder. I do the same thing with the flow improver.

Clearly I need to get back to the bench!