This is my hill and on it I will die

Good afternoon to all I just wanted to voice an opinion that has been bothering me since I got back into the hobby. I’m Sure that I might draw some fire for this but I’m hoping that a model company employee will read this one day. So here is my opinion, I wish that modern US armor (to include all the soft skin vics) would receive the same love given to foreign and historical armor. I love me a big ugly Russian or German vic but I really want to be able to build all of the HEMTT variants and the FMTVs are woefully represented, and how about a modern kitting of all of the HUMWV. One more example is the fact that we still don’t have an M88A2 in styrene. I think every other country’s ARVs have been kited and yes there is an upgrade kit but that thing costs about the same price as the base kit does. Maybe I’m just complaining but if you work for a model company, please get me some kits of modern US military vehicles.


How about the Dodge Ambulance the MOST produced vehicle in WW2. The only 1/35th kit is the old Peerless (worthless) kit.


look into some online hobby shops. I believe I’ve seen the M88A2 offered and the Dodge WWII Ambulance offered.

The M88A2 is only available as resin conversion sets by Real Model and Legend. There are plastic kits of the M88 and M88A1 by AFV Club. The M88A1 kit is used to add the resin to and get an M88A2.

The Dodge WC54 Ambulance is only kitted in plastic in the above-mentioned Peerless kit, which has also been released by Bilek, Testors, and Italeri. They are the same Peerless plastic from the 1970s in new boxes. It is a pretty decent kit though. With some PE and a little TLC, it can be made into a great-looking model. If you want to update it a bit and spend a little more money, you can combine it with one of the excellent AFV Club/Skybow or new Zvezda WC52 kits.

More modern softskins and recovery vehicles would be most welcomed.

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I know that there ae some of the kits available but I’m specifically calling out trumpeter and Academy who have good base kits to run with. I don’t build WW2 vehicles, but I think they are about to start kitting individual serial numbers of tigers and T34s.

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