This one time on patrol…

Working title….I don’t know, something needed to be posted.

Anyway @Stikpusher got this thing started when he posted these to my barrel set post on the Armor Postman thread.


Looking around I had this Alpine figure just doing nothing so he was voluntold for this mission.

I am thinking something like this, artist I am not. :joy:

A stone building and floor with a open wooden door in the center. A table with a small tapped barrel with a glass or tin cup for tasting next to it. The large barrel on the floor opposite the table. It’s a start but something feels off about it, thoughts on the layout?

In the mean time, one has to finish the bits before the layout is a problem.

I have built the two barrels and added wood grain not present on the plastic. I think Miniart could moved the molded half lines to the top and bottom instead of the sides. Have the strap detail on top along the half and added wood grain oh well.


Very nice. Gotta love Willie and Joe.

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Oh, I think I get your drift on this. A Willie & Joe inspiration, but your own take. I do like where this is going.

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Great idea and great start !!
Some inspiration and a curious double breasted jacket on what appears to be a tanker ?

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I wouldn’t mind trying the Vermouth cartoon but I don’t think any one makes a cask/large barrel. Maybe Miniart will one day as it’s in the box art work. I think I tried to make a barrel once and it didn’t go so well. Clean circle cutting is pain at least for me. I don’t think the circle cutter I have goes that large for the center sections.

I suspect that the double breasted jacket my be captured German kit - perhaps a mountain smock?

I could give it a try at scratchin a large cask for you … I need a break from leafing that dam tree …

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It is a great looking tree. That would be awesome, thanks. I don’t know the diameter but if an average male was 5’8” in WW2, my guess is around 5’ or just under guesstimating from the image.

I’ll eyeball it as good as I can , … promise not to make it to big …


I am sure it will be close enough.

If that shows up, we are going to need a bigger figure. :joy:

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Something along these lines , maybe a tad shorter/smaller .
Also they were made in oval shapes .
I’ll just make some round and oval and show them to you here and you can have what you want .
It’s not like I can’t use them meself .

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In my search for dimensions I saw they made ovals too. All kinds of interesting possibilities.

Did you look on Shapeways? I’m sure you could find something there.

It could be a late pattern mackinaw (jeep coat)


Ah, much more likely I think.

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Just playing around some more with the concept. It always seemed impractical to me to have the barrel tapped on the floor as shown in the box art. So I decided to make a table one could rest a tapped barrel on for use and a tin cup for drinking enjoyment.

Don’t know if it will get used or not but I had fun. If I was smart, I would have roughed up the plastic before hand but I was caught up in thrill of building to stop.

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Besides this set

Anyone know of any unsheathed canteens and pouches? The above set gives you two free canteens.

Mmmmmmmm if that was only full of JD :grin:

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Love the table. But I’m unable to avert my eye from that sour looking puddle on the floor. :nauseated_face:

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Max is not house trained, it’s a work in process.

Future mishaps have now been prevented. Modern problems require modern solutions. :sunglasses:

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