Those That Know -Wolfy!

Came across this on the Social Media feed of my old Regiment.

Those that know…



Lol, I know good old Wolfy well … Best one was we pulled him out of the Trg area up in the Luneberg Extention at Soltau when he got bogged in … free brattys and frikadelle all Fri and Sat happy old days …
he was a top bloke… without fail, every time we pulled into a hide for a night or over a no move weekend, you would hear that bell ringing after about 30 minutes … he was such a moral boost

Edit … Most people thought he had 353 rigged up in the van to know what (supposed) secure locations we were going to lol


Haha yeah and the days issue of Batco!! Had lots of yellow Herfy handbags out of that van as well.

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forgot about those lol, … straight in the charge bins :grin:

Don’t know about Wolfgangs Grill Shop. But I know that Lüneburg-Soltau-Fallingbostel-Munster area just too well. Been to Bergen-Hohne Training Aera 5-6 times a year. Yes, many happy memories.
Panzerbataillon 83, Lüneburg, 1985-1989 … :+1:



Tanks rule :+1: :+1: :grin:

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I was just up the road from Rommel Kaserne in Augustdorf. Well I think it was Rommel. Used to do a lot of low level troop training on Stapel training area. Detmold was a good posting.

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It was Rommel Kaserne, We used Stapel all the time for Dvr Trg when we were Detmold - its a beautiful town as well. While we were in the hard standing there (Stapel) eating our lunch once, while I was taking a driving course, we enviously watched a German maint crew change a Leopard pack in 40 minutes flat and then a few days later, even more jealously watch another Leo over take my wagon in reverse as I was going flat out forward … jealous and embarrassed at the same time lol

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Found this about Wolfy:
Hobby (

No wonder I never saw him, he was only feeding the BAOR … :smile:


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